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Your Moving Out Of State Checklist

We have already mentioned the necessity of checklists for your move, but today we want to focus on the specifics of a moving out of state checklist. “Moving out of state” can mean moving from one US state to another, or it might even mean moving to another country. In such a case, your checklist is likely to become even more complex. Therefore, the following is just to give you a few pointers:


Your After Moving Checklist


To-dos for your Moving Out of State Checklist


  • You obviously need a new primary health care provider, so make sure to obtain your health records (in case of another country, you might even want to have them translated).
  • Make sure you can still use your current health insurance provider, or otherwise properly do your research for a new one.
  • Do you require prescription medication? Make sure you organize your medication transfer in such a way that you don’t run out of your prescription before being able to obtain a new one. Also make sure that you have your medication handy during the entire move!


  • Get your new driver’s license at the DMV (or corresponding authority in your new country of residence) right away.
  • Register your car(s) in your new home state/country.
  • Are you moving to a different climate/into different terrain? Make sure your car has the correct tires.

Income tax:

  • Establish your new home address as your domicile for tax purposes
  • If you have a tax consultant taking care of your income and other taxes, you might need to get a new one.

Laws and regulations:

  • Some laws differ from state to state, e.g. legal drinking age, gun control etc. Make sure to educate yourself so you don’t get into legal troubles.


Brothers EZ Moving for your out of state move

There are of course many more things that go into a moving checklist – moving out of state checklist and otherwise: notifications of address change, transfer of utility providers etc. Please have a look at our other blog post about the subject and the other additional links listed below.

Last but certainly not least, to ensure a smooth transition to your new home, make sure you have the right long distance moving company by your side. Find out more about why Brothers EZ Moving are the right partners for your move here!


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