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Your List of Moving Supplies

Gathering moving supplies for packing your belongings is an important part of your move preparation. To help you with your organization we have compiled a list of those things you will need to prepare, and what else might be of use when moving day arrives.

cardboard boxes - moving supplies

Checklist for your moving supplies

  • moving boxes (cardboard) in various sizes
  • wardrobe boxes (cardboard), so you can easily store and transport garments on their hangers
  • packing paper
  • bubble wrap (and/or other cushioning materials) for safely packing breakables like glass items and china
  • packing tape (clear and/or various colors)
  • waterproof permanent markers (various colors for writing on the boxes)
  • blankets/sheets/tarps/shrink wrap to cover larger items and pieces of furniture
  • scissors/box cutters
  • sturdy trash bags (useful for trash as well as packing purposes)

Tip: The more moving boxes you have to deal with, the more difficult it is to determine where which box needs to go. We recommend color-coding the boxes with differently colored labels, markers or even colorful packing tape. Assign one color to each room in your new place, for example:

  • Green: Kitchen
  • Red: Master bedroom
  • Blue: Family room
  • Pink: Children’s room etc.
  • Orange: Bathroom

When we talk about moving supplies, we are generally referring to all the materials you need in order to pack your possessions for moving day. However, do keep in mind that there are various other items you should have available on moving day, for example:

What are your special tips? Do you have certain additional items you like to have handy during a move? Let us know in the comments!

An even easier solution

You don’t have the time to go shopping for moving supplies (i.e. packing materials etc.) yourself? In that case, Brothers EZ Moving has got your back! Simply let us take care of it: As part of our full packing service, we offer the necessary supplies for 50% off! Simply contact us for further information!

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