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Whoa Baby! Moving With a Newborn or While Expecting?

by | Sep 3, 2023

Almost everyone dreams of the home where they will raise their kids, start new traditions, and many other firsts. When you’re expecting, or welcoming your new baby into your home, those dreams begin to become reality.

Often times, those who are just getting the news of their pregnancy begin looking for newer, bigger homes with extra rooms. Or additionally, some have babies, and find themselves wanting a new space, then deciding to take on a move. Moving with a newborn or while expecting can sometimes become a little stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be!

Moving With a Newborn or While Expecting

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and enjoying that experience should be first on your list. Nonetheless, sometimes we have to make big moves (literally!), even while expecting.

On the opposite side of that, some of us already have newborns, toddlers, or older kids that we know could make the moving process a bit more difficult than it should be.

Keep in mind, if you plan as far in advance as possible, the process will definitely become a bit easier for everyone involved. A few things you can do to get yourself better prepared, and a little ahead of the game are:

  • Having “go-bags” ready, with all the essentials.
  • Take the proper safety precautions before the move.
  • Developing a routine ahead of time (before the move).
  • Avoid the stress as much as possible, if you’re expecting.
  • Having all hands on deck, or hiring a professional moving company!

Double Checking the Essentials

This is super important when it comes to moving with a newborn. Diapers, toys, clothing, pack-n-plays, snacks, food, and even pacifiers should be handy at all times. We suggest creating a “go-bag” for the day of the move. Remember to keep all the baby essentials far from what is going to potentially be packed away for several days.

Safety First!

Before moving into your new home, be sure you have taken all of the proper safety precautions. Toddlers, or newborns in the future, are ready to explore and learn. You’ll want to feed that curiosity in the safest way possible. If you can, try to go to your new home a few days earlier than moving day to baby proof the area.

Developing a Routine

Routine is particularly important when it comes to preparing for a move with a toddler or moving with a newborn. Once they are in a routine, the moving process becomes less stressful for them. When the process is less stressful on your kids, you have time to make your new home whatever you want it to be.

Ditch the Stress!

Sounds impossible, right? Well, luckily, it could be quite simple if you take the right steps before the day of the move. Planning ahead can make your moving experience go from stressful, to successful. Expecting moms should not need to use up all their energy on moving day.

Hire as Much Help as Needed!

Yes, having a bunch of great, helpful friends could make the moving process seemingly go by much quicker. However, there are times when problems could arise, you need more vehicle space, or don’t have all the supplies needed for a move. This is where a professional moving company like Brothers EZ Moving could come in handy. We actually pack, load, and then travel to your new location. Which sounds nice for those moving with a newborn or expecting.

At the end of the day, you want to be sure you are having the best moving experience possible. If cost is in the back of your mind, we can give you a FREE moving estimate, at your convenience. Whether you send us a detailed inventory, or invite us over to see the task at hand, we guarantee your estimate is on us.





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