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When Should You Start Preparing to Move?

Getting an early start when preparing to move can go a long way towards easing the work on moving day. But when should you begin your preparations? And how can you start?


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Preparing to move – classic checklists

You can find a variety of great moving checklists online to help you with your planning. We have added a few links to these checklist samples below. As you can see, their timelines start, typically at eight weeks before moving day. They suggest compiling your paperwork, researching your moving company and going through your belongings to decide what to keep and what to discard. We have written about the process of decluttering your house in an earlier article series. You can find it here:

While this time frame makes a lot of sense, there are quite a few things you can start with even earlier.


Getting an early start

Once you decide you want to move, you first begin by looking for a new home. Then once you find the right place and take care of the contractual/financial part, you are already preparing to move, at least mentally.

We are not saying you should pack up everything as soon as possible. But why not start packing away that part of your wardrobe that is off-season? For example, let us assume it is early spring, and you are planning to move during the summer. Then it is reasonable to assume that you will not be needing your warm winter boots or thick coats any time before the move.

Another project you can tackle long before the “official” move preparations is the decluttering. After all, this is something that makes sense every now and then, regardless of the question of moving.

Especially if your decluttering process involves the sale of some items, it makes sense to start this as early as possible. After all, it might take some time before you find the right buyers. The same goes for potential yard or garage sales. This is something you do not want to do last minute. If you start early enough, you will have the option to hold a second sale if necessary.


Researching the right moving company

When it comes to looking for your future moving company, consider this: You are already on our website! Even if your move is still several months away, why not go ahead and request a free quote from us? Contact us today!


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