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What to Keep in Mind When Moving to the Country

Are you dreaming about leaving the city and moving to the country? Depending on what you are looking for, there can be various benefits in the country lifestyle. However, you should make sure to have realistic expectations and to consider what such a change might mean when it comes to some of the practical aspects of it.


moving to the country


Moving to the country


Work and commute:

Do you already have a new job offer? Otherwise, take into account that depending on the industry you work in, the density of options is likely to be lower in rural areas. This means that you might have to consider a longer commute, or maybe even remote work.



Do you have a reliable car (or if you are moving with your family, more than one)? If you are using the car for your commute, the family might need another one for their own commute or errands like shopping. This is especially important if your new home is in an area where the public transportation network is less developed. Depending on the climate and terrain you might also need a rougher, sturdier kind of car, such as an SUV or truck.



Will your water be coming from a well or a municipal system? Especially in the first case, you should get it’s quality tested and if necessary get additional water treatment.

Are you planning to be on or off the grid? Will the electricity be reliable? In case of outages, it might take longer until services are restored. It might be a good idea to install a backup generator or invest into some additional solar technology, .especially if you are working from home.

How good is the cell phone reception? Especially if it turns out to be not that good, make sure to have a landline installed as well.



One of the main differences about country life is probably in general a greater distance between oneself and other people, services, institutions etc. It could be argued that this is actually one of the reasons that some people choose to move to the country. However, this fact can become a difficulty in case of emergencies: It might take  longer for first responders to reach you, and it might take you longer to get to a doctor in case of an illness. This is something you should take into account as well.


These are of course only a few aspects that can make living in the country extremely different from city life. This can hardly provide you with the whole picture. Anyway, in our link listed below you can find several more resources for further reading on the subject.


When you are actually moving


Once you have made your decision about moving to the country it is time to make your plans for the actual move. Make sure to hire a reliable moving company that is experienced with long-distance moves. Find out more about why Brothers EZ Moving is the right partner for your move – be it to the country, to the city, abroad, or just around the block. Simply contact us in case of further questions, and to get your free quote!



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