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What to Keep in Mind When Moving to Another State

Moving to another state comes with its own challenges. Finding the right moving company with experience in long distance hauling is certainly one of them, but this is where Brothers EZ Moving comes in: We are your reliable and competent partner for local and long distance moving. We also have some useful information for you to help with some of the other possible questions when it comes to long distance moving.


Tips moving to another statefor moving to another state


Keep in mind: When moving long distance, meticulous planning and good organization are more important than when you are moving locally. After all, you cannot easily keep shuttling between the old and new home, just because you have forgotten something.

Moving checklist

A comprehensive moving checklist that provides the to-dos, deadlines and responsibilities of all people involved is THE foundation for a successful move. Your list will be even more complex when moving to another state and should also include certain tasks that you need to be taken care of after the move

  • Registering your car(s) in your new home state
  • Getting a new driver’s license
  • Establish your new home as your domicile for tax purposes

Get to know your new home state

Depending on where you used to live and where you are moving to, some things might be quite different than what you are used to. These differences, for example: 

  • climate (e.g. Florida vs. Maine or New York)
  • legislation and regulations (e.g. tax, legal drinking age, open container laws, required licenses etc.)
  • cost of living
  • social and cultural makeup (including such things like different secondary languages, cuisines etc.)

These are topics you should getting familiar with quite a while before the actual move. This will help you to feel more at home, decrease the risk of initial  legal issues, and might even influence the way you are packing. After all, a different climate might call for different clothing, and you will want to have the right kind of clothing handy as soon as you need it, instead of rummaging through your moving boxes before you find a warm sweater, umbrella or a sun hat.


Long distance moving with Brothers EZ Moving

When moving to another state, we make the calculation of your moving cost simple: The system is easy, we can offer you a binding flat rate without hidden fees. Find out more about what you can expect for our flat rate, and contact us to receive your free quote!



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