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What to Do with Your Used Moving Boxes

One of the many tasks that come with moving is dealing with the used moving boxes once you are done. The first decision:

  • Dispose of them?
  • Keep them?
  • Keep some of them?

used moving boxes

Why you might want to keep used moving boxes

You might feel tempted to simply get rid of them once you have finished the process of unpacking and things are at their designated places. After all, the move is finally done and you probably want to forget about it for a while.

However, there are good reasons to keep at least a few of the boxes:

  • For later use: One never knows when a good cardboard box might come in handy. If you fold them up they don’t take up much space and can be neatly stored away.
  • For continuing storage: Maybe there are some of your items that you don’t really want on display in your new home, but don’t want to get rid of either. If you want to put such items into storage (your garage, attic, basement or even a third-party storage facility), those moving boxes can still get the job done.
  • Arts, crafts, and DIY home projects: The sturdy cardboard makes an excellent material for various DIY projects, from children’s playhouses to upcycled decorative home-organization containers, art projects and more. Are you looking for a few creative ideas? Simply get some inspiration from Pinterest!

Moving box disposal

If you really want or need to dispose of your used moving boxes, you have several options. However, simply throwing them into the trash should not be one of them, especially since there are so many alternatives that make more sense, ecologically as well as economically:

  • Recycling (paper and cardboard products)
  • Donating: You can give them away for free. Even if you don’t need them anymore, other people might still get a lot of use out of them – maybe for their own move.
  • Selling: Some moving companies buy back gently used moving boxes after the move is done. There are also various online resources where you can offer the boxes and so recover at least a small percentage of the moving costs.

Before pondering the reuse of old boxes: Do you still need your own move done? Contact Brothers EZ Moving for further information!

What to Do with Your Used Moving Boxes was last modified: February 25th, 2020 by Gary Thacker

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