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What To Do With Moving Boxes After The Move?

If you’re uncertain about what to do with moving boxes after the big move, you’re not alone! Oftentimes, figuring out how to organize your whole life’s worth of belongings is not only frustrating, but nerve-wracking. 

Along with packing, physically transporting your stuff is exhausting. Then afterward, the clean up can be stressful because you’re left with piles of empty boxes and nowhere to put them. 

For most of us, figuring out what to do with them is a concern we all face. To eliminate this additional stress in your life, there’s several tips you can follow.

Empty boxes - what to do with moving boxes

Ways To Manage Boxes After Your Move:

  1. Recycle 

Instead of letting them pile up outside your home, you can consolidate and drop them off at the recycling center. Using this method ensures the cardboard is repurposed, extending its life-cycle. 

More importantly, doing so prevents excess boxes from being manufactured, wasted, and thrown away.

  1. Donate

As an alternative to recycling, you can donate boxes to families that can’t afford to pay for new ones. Oftentimes, paying for them individually can be expensive (approximately ten dollars plus), especially when you need a lot of them. 

If you’re unsure what to do with moving boxes after a move, this is the most rewarding option because it allows you to pay it forward to families who lack the financial resources to purchase moving supplies or hire professional services. 

  1. Hire A Professional

If you don’t have the time to donate or recycle, there is a faster way. Many moving companies have services to pick up used boxes. All you have to do is make an inquiry. That way, they are no longer your burden. 

Calling for help only costs a few minutes of your time, thereby minimizing the inconvenience to your life. 

  1. Cardboard Compost

Should you be looking for an eco-friendly option, cardboard can be used as compost since it is biodegradable. To accomplish this, you start by wetting the cardboard with water to accelerate the decomposition process

Once they start to degrade, you can use them for mulch. The benefit of this option ensures that you can utilize the same boxes you did for moving to harvest your garden to bloom plants and flowers. 

  1. Sell 

Rather than recycling, donating, or using your boxes for compost, you can sell them. As long as they are in decent shape, you can resell them to other people in need. 

The advantage is that you can make some of your money back if you purchased them brand new. Deciding what price is based on personal preference. The idea is to get rid of them for cheaper than you bought them, being that they were used once before. 

What to do with moving boxes? Let us handle them for you!

Although there are several ways to deal with your boxes after a big move, some of you may not have the time to pursue any of those options. But don’t worry, gone are the days when you need to worry about uprooting your life without help! 

Whether it be residential, office, or long-distance moves, the professional movers from Brothers EZ Moving in Tampa, Florida will organize, label, package your belongings into the correct boxes to save time and ensure all items are handled with care. In addition, Brothers EZ Moving company will manage the unpacking process and stage your furniture. 

Once you’re finished unpacking, if you are uncertain about what to do with moving boxes, just ask our team to take them away. It’s really that simple!

Furthermore, all services are combined into a reasonable hourly rate, so setting into your new home will be quick, easy, and painless. To schedule your move, call or fill out our form for a free estimate.

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