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What to Do When You Need to Move Quickly

Moving is already thought of as a daunting job, but having to move quickly is a real challenge. You will have to coordinate everything, from turning your lease or mortgage over to signing a new one, in a short span of time.  Not to mention, you have to handle all the other logistics, such as your job, informing everyone of your new address, packing, hiring a mover, and so on. This is quite a list, but there are ways to make your move easier and safer despite how quickly you have to do it.

When you need to move quickly

Move quickly – with a checklist

A good checklist is a key to sticking to a timeline while making sure that you’ve covered everything. It’s true, the human mind is amazing at remembering things.  However, a to-do list that you can consult when you’re stressed and pressed for time will help you deal with your move-related chores faster. The list helps by preserving precious mental energy and making sure that you don’t forget important tasks. 

Before the actual relocating starts, sit yourself down and list everything that you need to do before leaving where you currently are and what you have to accomplish when you get to the new place. Take a look at our post about the benefits of a moving checklist, including several links to examples/templates.

Reduce before the packing starts

You should declutter your belongings because it can get expensive as well as tedious to move so many things, especially on short notice. We have already written about the why and how, including tips for sale, donation, or disposal of unwanted items.

Ask for Help

You don’t need to do it all on your own! It’s not unusual to ask friends or family members for help with some of the tasks on or before Moving Day.

However, it makes a lot of sense to hire a professional moving company. This does not need to be limited to the transportation of your belongings! Consider the additional services Brothers EZ Moving has to offer! Contact us for further information and a free quote!


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