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What to Do When Moving Day is Postponed

There are many reasons for a potential rescheduling of your moving day into your new home:

  • a change in the weather conditions
  • delay of availability of the new home
  • health or other personal reasons

While a postponement of a move can certainly be frustrating and seem like a waste of time, you do have options to make the best of this enforced waiting period. After all, a move includes a lot of work, and the better prepared you are for moving day, the easier it is going to be during the actual move.

schedule moving day

Using the time before moving day

That is why we have come up with a few tips of how you can make the best of your waiting time.

  • Cleaning: The old as well as the new place will require some amount of cleaning. If the new place is already accessible to you, why not get a head start there? It is much easier to deep clean a house/apartment while it is still empty, after all! There will still be enough smaller cleaning tasks after the move is done.
  • Checklist: Go over your moving checklist: Have you forgotten anything? Which of the tasks on there could you already take care of beforehand?
  • Moving supplies: Even if you have hired a full-service moving company that provides the packing materials, there are probably still some moving supplies you need to get yourself. Use this time to make sure you are fully stocked.
  • Declutter: Maybe you still have some things lying around that you don’t want to take with you but don’t want to simply throw away either. Now you have some extra time on your hand to take care of those.
  • Paperwork: There is a certain share of administrative work to be done in connection with moving. Much of that can be done it advance – why not now?

The alternative?

There is also an alternative, of course: Doing nothing, or rather almost nothing. You have worked hard to prepare the move. You are still waiting for the move as such. In the meantime, you could simply try to relax a bit. Read a book that’s interesting. Watch a movie. Spend time with your loved ones. Practice a bit of active self-care. Moving day and the work that goes along with us will be there soon.

Any questions about that last part? Contact your professional movers at Brothers EZ Moving!

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