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What to Consider When Moving Playground Equipment

by | Sep 3, 2023

Moving playground equipment when changing homes is a particular challenge. After all, these things tend to be securely anchored into the ground, are often rather big, and the whole project is potentially costly and needs to be considered in your moving budget.

Questions to consider when moving playground equipment

Father with little boy on slide - after moving playground equipment

Is it worth it?

Think about the costs of both the disassembly and the reassembly of the playground, not to mention the costs of actually moving the pieces. If it’s less costly in the long run to buy a new playground and assemble it at the new place, you may reconsider moving the old playground altogether.

Will taking it apart and reassembling it compromise the stability?

If the playground is old, it may not have survived several years of wear and tear enough to take it apart and put it back together again. Pieces might have become rusty or damaged. Give the playground a good look before setting up to tear it down. You may need to purchase new parts to ensure the playground is safe to use in the new place.

Do the new buyers understand that the playground equipment is not part of the deal?

Before you take the playground apart for a move, make sure that the new buyers or people moving into your old home know that the playground is not part of the purchase or rent of the house. A little misunderstanding like this can lead to some serious headaches when you’re trying to wrap things up with a house sale.

Is there enough space in the backyard of your new place?

Measure the playground’s size and assess the space in the backyard of the new place to make sure you even have enough room to install the playground there. This includes the perimeter around the playground that makes it accessible to run around and use: about three feet or more around the entire structure.

What will it be like when you set the playground up again?

Think about all the work you will need to do to get the playground back into shape for use after you reassemble it at the new place. Will you have to purchase new parts and tools to install it and make sure it’s in good operating order? If it seems like there are too many additional steps you’ll need to take to maintain the playground, you may want to scrap the idea altogether in favor of getting a new playground.

The Process of Moving Playground Equipment

Check with Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers will limit the amount of work you have to do and can ensure the playground equipment is moved safely, as most moving companies have policies for ensuring goods are not damaged in transport.

Preparing for Moving a Playground

Before you start ripping things out of the ground, take several pictures of all angles of the set to be able to reassemble it later. Label each of the parts of the set to make it easy to put the playground back together again at the new place. Gather packing supplies like plastic wrap, moving boxes, and packing tape to keep everything organized and labeled as you go.


If your playground set it relatively simple in its design, you can simply start by dismantling the smallest pieces first that aren’t load-bearing. Try to take the playground apart so that you have fewer pieces to move, only disassembling the equipment if it’s too big or unwieldy.


Using the pictures you’ve taken, reconstruct the playground by assembling the largest pieces first – or the frame of the playground. Before you use the playground again, make sure to double-check each of the screws and joints to determine if they can withstand the weight. Check with a professional if you are unsure of this. After all, the safety of your children comes first!

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