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How to Pack Books for Your Move

Today, we want to give you a few tips on how to pack books for your move. After all, you want your move to go smoothly and don’t want to add any unnecessary stress. Ideally, the unpacking should go easily as well. That’s why this and next week’s blog posts are about tips for packing your books.

How to pack books







How to pack books for an easy move

Remember that books are heavy, Pack small boxes of books. Do not use a large box or tote. It will be cumbersome and hard to move and can even slow down the process.  

Even if it seems like an overwhelming amount, and you’d rather pack one large box,  you will be happy that you broke down the load into smaller boxes. Make sure the boxes that you use are high-quality and sturdy. Flimsy boxes will easily collapse under the heavy weight of multiple books. In this case, professional moving boxes are your best bet. Even when using professional boxes, make sure you tape the bottom with proper packing tape.

If you run out of professional boxes and need a quick fix, reinforce the box’s bottom with duct tape or packing tape. Only use this as a last resort, as the box might still become distorted under the books’ weight and make moving more difficult or lead to damaged books.

How to pack books for easy unpacking

If you have a particular system in place for the books on your bookshelf, pack them according to your system. That will make unpacking and placing them back on their shelves much easier.    

Label each box according to your organization system at home. Some people choose to organize their books by genre, in which case you can write the genre on the outside of the box.  If you file them alphabetically, use the beginning initial range on the outside of the box (for example, A-C).

The next blog post will cover a few pointers for the protection of your books during the move. In the meantime, contact Brothers EZ Moving for a free estimate of your moving costs. Simply let us do the heavy lifting – and more!


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