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Tips for Organizing a Yard Sale/Garage Sale (Part 1)

Organizing a yard sale (garage sale) can be a great way to declutter your home and at the same time make some money. This can be especially handy as part of your preparations for moving into a new home. After all: Less clutter means less items to pack, move, and unpack! In this part 1 we will be talking about tips for the preparation and planning phase.


Planning the event: What to consider before organizing a yard sale


Make sure to play by the community rules

Especially when you live in a gated or deed restricted community, the options for yard, as well as, garage sales might be limited. Check with your homeowner’s association, landlord etc. to make sure you are permitted to do so.


Set the right date

People usually have more time during the day during the weekend. Beyond that, you need to check the weather forecast, because people will be more likely to attend your sale when the weather is not too discouraging to go outside. Also, you don’t want your merchandise to get rained on.

organizing a yard sale

Preparing the garage/yard sale


Plan for weather contingencies

Especially when you are planning to hold the sale in the yard, without the protection of a roof, you should keep something handy to cover your sale items in case of unexpected rain showers. Depending on the size of the items or displays a painter’s tarp is an option, especially when it is made from clear plastic.


Create a checklist

Just like with moving checklists, we recommend working with a checklist when organizing your yard/garage sale. This will help you stay on track with the various preparation tasks. You can even find printable checklists for such purposes online.


Spread the word

Holding a yard or garage sale only makes sense if people outside of your immediate social circle know about it! So it might make sense to actually invest a few dollars to advertise your sale in your local newspaper. For the day of the sale, it is also important to put up temporary signs so that people approaching your address can find you better.  In today’s internet age you can find a lot of advertising opportunities online, from special social media groups to Craigslist to websites that are dedicated to the subject of finding and advertising garage and yard sales in your area.



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