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Tips for Moving Out of Your Upper Floor Apartment

by | Sep 3, 2023

There are so many reasons why people love upper floor apartments — less foot traffic, more removed from the noise down the street and superior views. However, the perks come with a few cons. For older buildings, that means climbing a few flights of stairs daily, lugging your groceries around and the nightmare of a move you will have when you finally decide to leave your place.

Professional Apartment Movers Give Great Tips for Upper Floor Apartment Dwellers

If you thought moving your stuff in was hard, imagine how much harder it is moving it out. All those recently assembled furniture items and random knick knacks you bought will now have to be taken down a few floor levels. To help you deal with what could potentially be a moving nightmare, here are some tips from professional apartment movers for moving out of an upper-floor apartment.

  • Hire help.

If it hasn’t dawned on you yet, there’s an easy way out of this predicament. Get an experienced team of movers to help you out. That way, you can focus on the more important parts of the move — like looking for a new place, getting a new job or organizing your billing address information. All you need to do is get a recommendation from friends and family or Google companies with a good track record and reliable references. Once that’s covered, you’re good to go.

  • Plan it out.

If hiring help is outside of your budget or you’re just not a fan of the idea, you need to be very organized. Make sure you plan out what items go first and what logistics you will need to move it. That means you might need to measure windows, stair to ceiling height and the width of the doors going out of your apartment. For items that won’t fit, you will need to disassemble them and put them in marked boxes, so they’re easy to find when you need to assemble the parts back together.

  • Assign milestones.

For difficult moves like this, it’s easier to divide the job into several different milestones.  For example, plan to move out the bigger pieces of furniture one weekend. During this time, you can invite your friends and family to help you out. The following week you can move to cleaning out your kitchen and dining area, then your living space the next and lastly your room. That way, the task does not seem too big to handle. This also gives you more time to evaluate which items you want to keep in your new home and which ones you want to throw away, donate or sell.



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