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Tips for Making Yourself at Home When Moving to Another Country (Part 1)

The transition period after moving to another country can be quite challenging: First you have had the organizational hassle of the long distance relocation. Now you need to adjust to a new living and business environment with potentially different customs and maybe even a different language. Here are a few tips to help you with settling down in your new home abroad.


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Moving to another country and making it your new home

We have already discussed how to feel more at home after moving long distance and have given you other long distance moving tips. “Long distance” is of course a relative term and might refer to moving to another city or another state. Moving to another country falls into that category as well, but brings more potential challenges with it.

How you address some of these challenges depends, in part, on the new country in question as well as your reason for moving there. For example, as a member of the US military on deployment overseas you might face certain security concerns or other restrictions. The same goes for company employees that are transferred to foreign countries which are deemed potential crisis or conflict zones. Please keep in mind that some of our tips that involve immersing yourself into the local culture might not or only partially apply here.

One of the main aspects: The language

Learn the local language. It is extremely difficult to feel at home in a country when you do not speak and understand the local language. The best way is to start learning the new language before moving, but if there is not enough time beforehand, there are various ways to learning a foreign language:

  • community colleges 
  • private tutors, either in-person or online
  • language course in book or audio/cd form
  • online language courses on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Babbel, or Rosetta Stone


Getting your move done right

The less you need to worry about the organizational aspects of your move, the more you can focus on settling in. As the saying goes, your “home is your castle”. Therefore, the first stage is feeling at home inside your new house/apartment. Then you can gradually expand the feeling of being “at home” to your neighborhood, workplace, region and – eventually – country.

The right moving company is an important factor to accomplish that first stage. Having your familiar, personal items securely in place can go a long way to making a new house a home.



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