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Tips for Making Moving Less Stressful

For us as a professional moving company, making moving less stressful is our business! However, when you move from one home to another, there are several things you can do yourself to reduce the stress come moving day.

A few suggestions for reducing stress on moving day

  1. Start your preparations early

Usually, you will know about an impending move several weeks in advance, so you have time for some preparations (see our previous three blog posts about decluttering).

  1. Create a moving checklist for your To-dos

Take some time beforehand to make a checklist of things that need to be done to make the preparation, the move as such and the transition period in your new home as smooth as possible. Include the time line (3, 2, 1 weeks before, the moving day itself, first day in the new home etc.). If applicable/necessary, assign the tasks to your respective family members, so everyone knows their responsibilities.

  1. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Even if it is moving day and your normal daily routine seems suspended for the moment, make sure to maintain some healthy self-care. Stay hydrated, take breaks in between, and try to get in enough sleep the night before. You might also want to keep a First Aid kit handy, and perhaps some ice packs, just in case. If you require specific medication, make sure to keep it handy. It is probably tempting to live on junk food that day, but make sure to include some actual nutrients like fresh fruits and veggies in the mix.

  1. Keep provisions and necessities at both places.

For at least part of the day, work will probably be going on at your old as well as your new place, so make sure that provisions and other materials you might need, are available at both sites.

  1. Mark the moving boxes that contain those items you are going to need for your first night and the first morning in your new place.

You don’t want to have to go through dozens of boxes to find your essentials for the first night and morning after the move, so keep some designated boxes/containers for all those things you need or want to keep handy (purse, important papers, medicine, coffee maker and cups, breakfast utensils, hygiene products, change of clothes, bed sheets, etc.).

  1. Pets and young children

Take into account how stressful moving day can be for your pets and children. Make sure they are taken care of – that means occupied, supervised, fed etc.

  1. Keep the goal in mind

It’s not just the work effort that can be a huge stress factor when moving. There can be an emotional component as well. After all, our home is one of our most important places, so especially in the beginning, when things have not been sorted and arranged yet, you might feel literally out of place. Remember, this is only a transition period, and such feelings are natural. Give yourself some time to get accustomed to your new living space, and keep in mind that this is, in a way, a new beginning, and you’ll feel at home soon!

And: Hire a reliable, professional and competent moving company


Looking for a professional moving company for making moving less stressful

Brothers EZ Moving is your reliable and competent partner for making moving less stressful. Would you like further information or do you have any questions? Simply give us a call, or send us a message! 813-299-2907

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