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Tips for Cleaning Out Your Space

by | Sep 3, 2023

If you’ve lived somewhere for a period of time, chances are you are going to need to clean out your space at some point.  You will acquire things you don’t need and you’re going to want to find a way to get rid of them!  Sometimes, this task can seem insurmountable, especially if you’ve lived somewhere for a long time.  With our professional hauling service, we’ve seen a lot of junk, and we’ve got a great method for cleaning out your space!

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Space from a Professional Hauling Service

Here are some tips for cleaning out your space.

Tip #1:  Map Out Your Space

Whether you are tackling a specific space or your whole home, map out a strategy beforehand.  For example, if you’re working on the garage, divide it into quadrants and move methodically throughout the building.  If you are working on your home, map out an order room-by-room, starting with the room that accrues the least clutter and working your way up to larger projects, like forgotten closet space.  This will allow you to be efficient without getting distracted and will enable you to move in a pattern so you can leave off and pick up again, rather than destroying the whole house and have to pause midway.

Tip #2:  Set a Budget

Whether you want to hire a professional organizer, a hauling service, rent a dumpster for the day or simply purchase some totes, chances are organization will cost you something.  See what you can afford to do and work from there.  The higher your budget, the easier it will be, but you can still declutter on a minimal budget.

Tip #3:  Figure Out Where It’s Going

Do you have a friend you want to give your clothing to?  A charity you want to send furniture and perishables to?  Do you know you’re going to have a lot of garbage?  If you know where it’s going, it’s easier to organize.

Tip #4:  Build a Sorting System

It’s time to get started with sorting.  Labeled totes with “Garbage”, “Charity”, “Storage”, and “Put Away” are a great way to get organized.  You can also use bags or boxes.  Garbage and charity items will be gotten rid of to the appropriate locations, while items for storage can be stored.  Items you want to put away can stay in the tote rather than you putting away each individual item as you find it.  This allows you to create a plan around what you keep once you know what you have, rather than haphazardly working as you go.

What’s your favorite method of cleaning out your space?  Let us know in the comments below!



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