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Things You Should Know About Moving to New York City

by | Sep 3, 2023

Moving to a new area can always be daunting, especially if you are moving to a big city. Luckily, there are so many people that move to big cities that they’ve managed to have the experience for you!  Now, former novices of the NYC lifestyle post tips for making yourself at home. Here’s some of the best tips that long distance moving companies near me found about moving to New York City.

Tips for NYC Living from Long Distance Moving Companies Near Me


There are a few things you need to know about Subway transportation when you move to New York City. First, a Subway is going to be your most affordable mode of transportation in New York other than walking. Second, even if you study the subway map night and day, it can be very easy to confuse Uptown stations with Downtown stations.  You should also be aware that the subway is completely different on the weekends. New York City Subways are well known for their consistent schedule and convenient transportation, but the weekends tend to get a little lax. Delays are not unheard of in a New York subway on the weekend.  Finally, know that the rule of etiquette is to let people off before boarding- like an elevator.


You’ve probably heard New York referred to as the city that never sleeps.  This is definitely true, and if you’re moving from a rural area, you may need to adjust to the noise.  New York City has outside noise going on any hour of the day or night, and is always alive.  People born there or who have gotten used to it come to love it, but newbies will need to learn how to control their own environment if they want peace.  

Navigating Business

If you’re working in New York, there are a few things you want to know, for your ease and convenience.  Most city parks offer free wifi- this is a great tip for those who like the outdoors but have to keep on working.  Also, many jobs offer perks such as metro discounts, so you could be taking the subway at an even lower rate if you check with your job.  

The App Life

There are so many apps you can use in NYC.  Uber is available all over the country, but if you haven’t lived in a place with Uber, you’ll be thrilled with this concept.  Uber is a more affordable cab service, and you order one right from your phone.  Uber drivers are vetted and checked for criminal records, but they are everyday people, not associated with a local cab company.  Seamless is another New York favorite.  The restaurants in this city are diverse and abundant.  Seamless allows you to order delivery from pretty much any restaurant you want, as long as it’s in New York City.  You’ll be blown away by the options you end up with!

With these tips from long distance moving companies near me, you’ll feel right at home in no time!  

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