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Things That Can Make Moving a Bummer

by | Sep 3, 2023

Moving is great in a lot of ways.  It’s an exciting adventure with unlimited possibilities.  You are probably excited to hit the road and move into your new location!  There are some things, however, that can really put a damper on your good mood.  

Experienced Movers Know The Worst Parts of Moving

Here are some things that experienced movers know about that can make moving a bummer!


Packing is a tedious process.  This is true for a lot of reasons.  Mainly, just fitting everything is enough work, but if you are packing correctly, you are trying to pack so that unpacking will be an easy and smooth experience.  Without a working knowledge of how things should be unpacked when you arrive at your new home, it is very easy to make this task difficult for yourself.  


Moving in poor weather can be difficult.  If you are trying to move in the rain or wind without proper equipment and moving vehicles, you could be very frustrated by the end of your move!  You could also end up with a lot of ruined belongings.  Professional movers can thankfully plan and prepare for inclement weather, so you should be in the clear if you hire a moving company.


Not having the right equipment required to move is a major inconvenience.  With older, faulty, or broken moving equipment, your job will be much more difficult.  Having the right tools for the job is crucial for an easy move.  This includes vehicles as well as other equipment.


Moving with pets can be a complicated endeavor.  Not only do you need to account for the pet’s physical needs, but emotional as well.  Pets take time to adjust to change and upheaval.  Finding out the best way to move your pets will make your move much easier.

Improper Planning

Neglecting to plan ahead for your move can be one of the biggest hurdles you will have to overcome when moving.  Planning is important to ensure a smooth and worry-free move.  From packing to loading to transportation, each piece of your move should be carefully mapped out.

Have you ever faced these issues when moving?  Tell us your story in the comments below!


Why Is Moving So Hard?

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