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The Ultimate Moving Budget Breakdown

by | Sep 3, 2023

Whether it’s your first time moving or your third, the process is never easy. It doesn’t just consist of hauling all your stuff from point A to B. Moving also includes planning the logistics, timing everything and allocating a budget for all aspects of the move.  You should always be moving on a budget, whatever your allotted spending may be.

Moving on a Budget is Easier When You Have This Information

There will be a lot of things on your checklist. To help make moving more manageable for you, here are is a reliable budget breakdown of all the expenses you can incur. Hopefully, it gives you an insight into the services you want to outsource, what you want to do on your own and the cost that comes with them.  

Moving Service Fee

If you’ve decided that you want movers to handle the move for you, then you need to look up a few reliable companies to choose from. Most of them would gladly give you a free quote for their service and what comes with that cost. It’s best to declare to them all the circumstances that can affect the move, such as the flight of stairs they have to climb to move in your things.

Your moving fee can also come up with additional costs like a packing and unpacking fee. This means that you’re paying for movers to disassemble then reassemble are your items from your old place to your new place.

Packing Supplies

If you’re planning to this all on your own or with the help of your friends and family, then you will need to get packing supplies of your own. Before you go buying a ton of things, do your research. Ask your friends who have moved often which the best boxes and tapes to use are or. which items would require bubble wrap. This will save you the trouble of buying the wrong things or getting your property damaged.

Moving Vehicle and Equipment

For bigger items, like a piano or a massive dining table, you might need to rent a utility dolly. You also need to fit your furniture with pads, so they don’t damage the floor as you’re moving them across the room.

If you can fit everything in your car, good for you. You don’t need to rent a small truck or a van. However, furniture and appliances seldom fit in a car. For that, you need a bigger vehicle which you can rent. You will also be spending for gas and repairs, in case a tire blows out or other parts get damaged as you drive.

If you factor these items into your budget, you should be well-prepared for your move.  What other items have you added into your budget?  Let us know in the comments below!




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