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The Emotional Stress of Moving

by | Sep 3, 2023

According to coach and psychologist Sarah Godfrey, the potential emotional stress of moving ranks among the top five most stressful situations we experience in our lives. She even likens the stress level to that of a divorce. Of course, this does not mean that we should not move to a new home! On the contrary, moving can have a lot of benefits, especially after a certain transition period. Still, it is worthwhile to have a look at the possible reasons behind this. After all, that can help us to manage it better.

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3 Major Factors for the Emotional Stress of Moving

The fact is, there is not a single reason to be stressed about a big move. Instead, it’s a series of smaller things that add up, making a move one of the most stressful things many of us will ever do.

Impending Changes:

Moving means a change in circumstances. While this can be a great thing, it also involves a certain amount of uncertainty. By definition, it means a change of residence, the looks/layout of your living space, and maybe even of your social circle and place of work (if the move is not a local one.)

Many people tend to resist changes because the outcome is not always predictable. If the changes are somehow forced upon us, they become even more difficult. However, changes in life are inevitable, and even changes for the better can seem a little bit daunting at first.

There is also a certain amount of disorder as part of the change. After all, you need to pack, unpack and rearrange your belongings. It’s true, there is a certain level of mess involved in any move, but that is simply part of the process. An organized decluttering of your possessions, a good checklist for before and after the move, and hiring the right moving company can go a long way in keeping up with these challenges!

As far as your friends are concerned: Moving does not mean that you lose them. After all, given today’s modern technologies and transport opportunities, it has become easier than ever to stay in touch. The idea is not to exchange your old friends for new ones but to simply expand your social circle.

Keep your eyes on the prize, and think of the process of moving as a transition towards something better, a chance for new experiences, and a fresh start!


It’s true, moving can take up a lot of time, even if your move is a local one. You need to find your new home, and you need to pack and unpack, settle in and tackle the general amount of bureaucratic and administrative tasks that are part of every move. All of this can give the impression that you need to put your life on hold while organizing it all.

The more efficient your preparations are (research, packing, checklist, etc.), the less time gets wasted. A professional and reliable moving company can be of great help here!

Moving Costs:

Money – or rather the lack of it – is a major source of stress for many people, so it’s no wonder it adds to the stress associated with moving. Even if you don’t have a big household, there usually is a certain amount of work involved, including packing and heavy lifting. This usually means that you need help with your move.

Careful research and planning can help you save money on moving costs. You might also consider selling a few of your unwanted or superfluous items, maybe by organizing a yard sale/garage sale. This helps reduce the number of items you have to move, and you might make some money in the process to make up for the moving costs.

Consider the moving costs to be an investment you are making for your future!

The Right Moving Company for your Peace of Mind

Many of our blog posts are dedicated to tips and advice for handling the stress of moving. But our dedicated team, here at Brothers EZ Moving in Tampa and Riverview, can do much more for you! Having the right moving partner by your side can go a long way to ease your mind. We can save you time and energy, and if you wonder about the moving costs: Stop wondering and get your free moving quote from us! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with further information.

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