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The Best Moving Day Help: Friends or Professionals?

Who is the better moving day help – your friends or a professional moving company? For obvious reasons, we at Brothers EZ Moving might be a bit biased regarding this question. Still, we do acknowledge that there are certain advantages of having the help of good friends during your move. It simply depends on what they are doing on moving day – and on who is doing the rest.


Your team for best moving day help


Friends or professionals? How about both? Have you considered a “mixed” team of moving helpers? Why not leave the furniture hauling and heavy lifting to the professionals and have your friends help you with the purging, organization, and even the more personal aspects of the move? After all, the professionals know what they are doing, and they have the experience with an efficient routine. Still there are a lot of tasks and responsibilities involved when you move from one home to another. Make sure to create a comprehensive checklist for your move to see how to divide the tasks.

The best moving day help


Our tips for organizing your helpers on moving day


  • If you want to ask your friends for help, make sure to give them enough advance time for planning. After all, they are doing you a favor.
  • Prepare to reciprocate. Your friends will probably not expect payment for their help. At some point though, they might need help with their own moves, so be prepared to return the favor.
  • If both friends and professional movers are part of your team, you do not want them to get in each other’s way. Let the pros do their job to provide you with the best moving day help.
  • Provide snacks and refreshments. Moving is stressful and physically strenuous, and proper hydration and food helps with keeping up the necessary energy.


Here are a few moving tasks where friends can be of great help


  • Supervision for children or pets involved in the move
  • Basic preparations in the new place like stocking the fridge and kitchen cabinets
  • Unpacking and cleaning dishes before they are being put into their new places
  • Cleaning up in the old or new home (You cannot help it: Moving does cause a certain amount of clutter and dirt.)


Last, but not least, let’s talk about your budget! In order to make an informed decision about your move, contact us for a free quote this will give you a better idea about the costs involved. 


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One Response to The Best Moving Day Help: Friends or Professionals?

  1. Avatar for Daniel Melazzo
    Afton Jackson April 5, 2021 at 7:56 pm #

    I definitely agree that supervising the children during the entire moving process is an important aspect of a move. My son is a very energetic little fellow, and he can get easily bored and complain about it making the move even more stressful for us. I’ll make sure I give him something to distract himself with when we get a local moving company to help us out with relocation.

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