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Tampa FL Moving Company Offers Tips for Moving with Man’s BFF

by | Sep 3, 2023

Tampa FL Moving CompanyOur Tampa FL moving company wants you to know, If you are moving and have a dog, it may be tough to know where to start.  You certainly don’t want to make your pet uncomfortable or hinder your ability to take care of them in the days or weeks to come.  

Most importantly, you want to reduce anxiety in your pet so that the move is as smooth as possible.  Since knowing what to do can be tricky, your favorite moving company in Tampa, FL is here to provide you with some tips for moving with man’s best friend.

Our Tampa FL Moving Company Loves Dogs Too

The first thing you want to remember is that your dog will absolutely notice if you are rushing around and changing things within your home.  Try to plan ahead and slowly pack so that the changes are gradual and take place over time.  

Or, hire a professional packing service so that the experience is organized and efficient, rather than a cause of anxiety that will transfer to your pup.

Another thing you can do to reduce anxiety for your dog is to get them used to riding in the car (if they are not already acclimated).  A few short trips per week in the weeks leading up to your move should make them more comfortable.

It is important that you maintain a regular routine with your dog in the time leading up to the move.  In fact, even additional walks and play time can be helpful to distract them from the commotion.  

If you are able, bringing your dog for a visit to your new home so they can poke around and become acquainted with the space can help them adjust later on.  Make sure your dog has been to the vet and is up to date.  

Moving can be quite a process, and you may find that you do not have time when you arrive to schedule an appointment for some time while you settle in.

When packing, make sure you pack the dog’s belongings last.  Not only will this ensure that your dog has what they need in the time leading up to the trip, it will also maintain their comfort zone.  

Prepare for your move by making sure your dog has updated identification tags with the address of your new home, so that you can change them immediately.  

Particularly if your new home is nearby your old home, this will help if your dog tries to return to the previous location.  If you are moving a long distance, make sure you invest in some snacks and pack plenty of easily accessible water for the trip.

On moving day, let your Tampa FL moving company move your belongings and take your dog out to one of the local parks.  

When you arrive at your destination, despite the urge to allow your dog to run free right away, try to either take them somewhere or leave them confined for a little while longer while things settle down and items are moved into the home.  This way, they will be less confused when they enter the new home.

For a stress free move for you and your dog, contact Brothers EZ Moving.  Hiring a professional saves you time and frees you up to focus on the important things.


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