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Packing Art for Moving – Part 2

Did you see our previous post about how to pack artwork for moving? Here is Part 2 of our best tips for packing art for moving, so you can keep it safe during transport.

woman packing art for moving

Use boxes that are suitable for packing art for moving

Before you move your artwork, you’ll want to pack the pieces in durable, high-quality boxes that are large enough to enclose them fully. You can even get special wooden crates to add extra stability to valuable fine art pieces, though in most cases, heavy-duty moving boxes made of cardboard that are packed appropriately, should do the trick.

The inside of the boxes

This brings us to the next point: Using the right box is only part of the solution for packing artwork for moving.

Before you put anything into the box, make sure that you assemble and secure it correctly:

  • If you have a folding box, you need sturdy packing tape to hold it together.
  • If you anticipate the content of the box to be heavy, stabilize the bottom with an additional layer of firm cardboard.

How you arrange the items inside the box is also extremely important!

  • Before you put anything else inside, add a protective layer of cushioning material on the bottom. This can be done with bubble wrap or foam packing material, but you can also use something like towels or bedsheets. Once you are packing, make sure that there is a cushion layer between the content and the walls of the box.
  • If you are packing more than just one item in the same box, consider wrapping each piece individually. This will not only add an extra lay of protection against any potential impact, but help keep the pieces from scratching each other during transport.
  • Take some extra steps to secure the enclosed pieces from moving around during the move. This means you need to fill out any empty spaces inside with additional soft material. Even something like crumpled up paper can be of help here.
  • Once you are done with packing the box, place another layer of bubble wrap etc. on the top of the content, before closing the lid and securing it with packing tape.

An extra tip for flat items like mirrors and framed pictures:

  • Place an “X” with masking tape over the glass pane of each glass-framed piece.
  • If you are putting more than just one inside each box, place the frames/mirrors standing upright, not flat on the bottom of the box.

The outside of the boxes

  • Mark the boxes clearly as “fragile” and/or “handle with care”
  • Indicate the top of the box with upward arrows

Inside the vehicle

When packing your moving truck, you’ll want to have a plan of action. Heavier boxes need to be placed solidly on the floor of the truck to make sure they do not crush smaller boxes beneath them. For lighter boxes, keeping them wedged between more solid, heavier boxes will ensure they do not shift around during transport.

There is also an option for securing boxes to the inside walls of the van with appropriate cargo straps/belts. This will ensure that the boxes don’t move around or fall over during the ride.

Insurance – Just in case

If you have a particularly valuable piece of artwork, consider purchasing art insurance to help put your mind at ease.

Hire the Moving Experts!

We don’t only move your belongings, we can also pack them. AND we offer the proper packing supplies to do so, like picture and mirror boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and more!

If you have any questions or would like to request a free cost estimate for your move: Contact us!

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