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Our Tips for Packing Books

Packing books does not seem such a difficult problem. However, if you love your books or they are even of particular value, it is a question worth considering when you are moving into a new place. After all, simply stacking them haphazardly into a cardboard box might not be enough to protect them from damages.

Packing books to keep them pristine

Packing books

  • Try to pack each box fully and fill the empty spaces with cushioning material.
  • The books should be placed immediately next to each other.  They should be packed tightly enough that they do not change position if you gently shake the box, but not so tightly that you are not easily able to pull one out.
  • Consider protecting each book with individual wrapping to avoid scratches and other damages. This can be done with plastic wrap, plastic bags, cardboard, tissue paper, etc. However, if you have antique books, leather-bound books, or such that require particular care, you might want to go the proverbial extra mile, especially if it’s a long-distance transport. Use acid-free paper and soft fabrics.
  • You can place the blocks vertically side by side from one end of the box to the other. If you have hard-cover books, place them with the spine down, to take the pressure off the binding. This makes particular sense if the books are vintage. Alternatively, place them on their sides.
  • Mark the box clearly.

Any questions? Let’s talk!

Packing books is just one of many tasks and challenges during your move preparation. Have the right moving company at your side, can go a long way to ease some of the stress that comes with moving to a new place. Contact us today to find out what our team can do to support you!

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