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Our Tips for Moving in the Rain

Moving day can be quite stressful, and moving in the rain certainly does not make this day any easier. That is why we have compiled a list of helpful tips for safety and security when you have to move to your new home in the rain.


moving in the rain


How to protect your belongings and your health when moving in the rain


  • Cover the furniture with stretch wraps, blankets or other covers.
  • Large plastic bags (trash bags) are great to pack and carry pillows, children’s toys such as dolls, stuffed animals, balls etc. and protect them from the rain at the same time.
  • Secure plastic wraps and other covers with tape or cords, depending on the wrapping material.
  • Find a space indoors, the garage or underneath a roof where you can gather the packed moving boxes. From there, they can be quickly and efficiently carried into the moving truck, so they don’t spend too much time in the rain and don’t get soggy.
  • If cardboard boxes have been exposed to rain, make sure to unpack them quickly after reaching your destination. That way you can make sure that any items that have gotten wet, can dry as soon as possible without getting moldy.
  • If the way from door to moving van is especially dirty/wet/slippery, you can use large sheets of cardboard as makeshift mats or even to lay out a path on the ground. Make sure though to lay them out in such a way that people do not stumble over their edges.
  • Prepare the floor of your new home with old rugs, tarp or other material to protect the floor underneath and prevent people from slipping or tracking in mud/dirt.

Don’t forget: On moving day, safety and security is not only about your possessions. It is also about yourself and everybody involved in the move!

  • Wear shoes that are comfortable, sturdy and have a non-slippery sole. Keep in mind, in the rain floors become more slippery. So preventing a stumble or even fall is important for your health as well as the state of your furniture etc.
  • Have some kind of wearable rain protection at hand (e.g. raincoat or poncho).


Another option: Let us take care of it all!

When you hire our team of professional movers, your belongings are in good, capable hands. We offer you a range of services to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible for you. If you book our packing service, your possessions will be properly packed and secured, and we can provide the proper packing supplies as well.

Additionally, we also offer different third-party insurance options to cover you in the unlikely event of an accident.



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