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Our Tips for Move in House Cleaning

by | Sep 3, 2023

Move in house cleaning is one of the many challenges when you are moving into your new home. It is also part of the process of making yourself comfortable and “at home.” Let’s face it, it just feels better when your new surroundings look and smell clean. You probably prefer not having to wonder about anything the previous occupants might have left behind – be it ever so tiny. This can be of particular importance for people with severe allergies, for example, if the previous owners had pets like cats or dogs in the house.

move in house cleaning

Best time for your move in cleaning

Your house cleaning before/after a move will probably happen in several stages. The best-case scenario is having enough flexibility between having to move out of your old home and access to your new one. Then you can do the initial “deep” cleaning before bringing in the furniture, decorative items, and moving boxes: Window-washing, hardwood and grout-cleaning, carpet-steaming, etc., simply works better when there is nothing in the way.

The same goes for the kitchen cabinets and appliances like the fridge, freezer, and oven. Especially the cooling appliances are something to take care of right away because you probably need them to store some perishable groceries, or at least a few cold beverages,

Prioritize and divide your “forces”

When it comes to your move in cleaning, one of the secrets is the right prioritizing.

  • As mentioned above: We recommend you thoroughly clean the fridge and freezer as one of the first cleaning tasks, before you need to store your first perishables
  • Before you unpack the various moving boxes, it’s time to clean the respective cabinets and other areas where you want to place the box contents.
  • Once the larger pieces of furniture arrive, the areas underneath and behind them are going to be less accessible, so they should be cleared beforehand.

The process of moving in as such is likely to cause a certain amount of dirt or at least dust. This means, there will likely be at least some light cleaning left to be done: dusting, surface-wiping, vacuum-cleaning, and other forms of “fine-tuning”.

Don’t panic – you don’t need to do it all at once, You don’t have to do it all yourself, either! If you are moving in with several people, “divide and conquer” or rather “divide and clean” will go a long way in making the challenge move in cleaning less daunting. However, if you would rather delegate this particular part of the move, there are professional cleaning services with special offers for exactly such situations!

Speaking of services and offers: Before worrying about the move in cleaning, make sure you have hired the right moving company that ensures a smooth and organized moving process. Contact us for more information!

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