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Our National Moving Companies Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

by | Sep 3, 2023

 National Moving CompaniesIf you’re moving, you’ll probably want to sort through everything in your existing home and clear out the unnecessary items before you relocate.

A great way to get rid of all of your unneeded possessions, and make a little extra cash, is to have a yard sale.  If you want your yard sale to be a success, just follow these tips from national moving companies like Brothers EZ Moving.

Our National Moving Companies Know How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Location! Location! Location!

The first step is to determine date and location.  Having a hard to find or off the path yard sale can lead to a less successful venture.  

If you want to have a truly successful yard sale, try to be as close to main traffic as possible.  If you do not own property in a populated area, find a friend that will join up with you, or even a park you can use for the day.  

This will allow you to offer a better location and pick up any traffic that is passing by.  As far as dates, try to avoid extremely cold days.  Spring or early summer is ideal.

Advertise to Get the Word Out

When you’ve got your location and date in mind, you’ll want to advertise as much as possible.  Online forums such as social media, craigslist, and local event sites are great ways to promote your yard sale.  

Press releases to local papers, or a small ad, are also effective.  Of course, signage is a great way to promote, especially if you start posting signs in advance to let people know about the upcoming sale.

Plan Ahead

The most important part of having a successful garage sale is not to wait until the last minute.  A successful yard sale, like any other endeavor, takes time to plan.  

Being organized is incredibly important, and can be a major asset if you are looking to have a successful yard sale.  Create organized piles, to-do lists, and advertising lists.  Apply these to a timeline, so that you can plan ahead for your yard sale.

Get Organized

When organizing your timeline, ask yourself how you plan to go about holding your yard sale.  This will help you to get started.  For instance, how would you like to display the items?  

Tables will help elevate smaller items so that visitors are more likely to buy.  So, add the number of tables you need to rent or borrow to your to-do list.  Or ask yourself, where will you be placing signage, and for how long?

Add to your timeline to find out if the spots you want to display signage are available and if displaying signage is allowed.  Once you start to determine what needs to be done, you can handle a little bit at a time and make sure each task is managed on time.

Pay Attention to Detail

The day of your sale, make sure prices are clearly marked.  People are sometimes uncomfortable asking for pricing, especially in a setting where they are looking through personal property.  

Having the prices clearly marked allows people to browse and buy without feeling confused.

Having a yard sale can help you to get ready for your big move.  Whether you are moving locally and looking to downsize, or moving cross-country and seeking national moving companies, Brothers EZ Moving has the knowledge to help you every step of the way.

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