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Our Best Tips for Moving with a Toddler

by | Sep 3, 2023

When a family moves to a new home, it can get very stressful for toddlers/young children. They might not quite understand what is going on:

  • their room is taken apart
  • toys are packed away
  • change of their familiar environment
  • disruption of their routine
  • unusual noises and activities, etc.

On the other hand, a move with small children can add to the stress of Moving Day for the parents. So today, we have compiled a few useful tips for moving with a toddler:

baby - Tips for moving with a toddler

Tips for moving with a toddler and dealing with the emotional side

We have already mentioned several factors that might stress your child. They might need extra reassurance and preparation before having to leave what they know as their home.

Of course, as a parent, you know your child best. Also, our expertise lies in the operational and hands-on side of moving, and not in child psychology. That’s why “our” best advice when it comes to the emotional/psychological aspects is to check some great third-party content, e.g.:

  • this interesting article over at Babycenter.com with a lot of good ideas on how you can help your child with the transition
  • a first-person . This includes reading suggestions on books you can read to/with your child/children.
  • Have a look at our list of resources below!

The Practical Side

In addition, here are a few practical tips for moving with a toddler or young child:

  • The move as such creates a significant disruption in your child’s routine. Be prepared for a bit of acting-out, and stay calm and patient.
  • Could your child/children stay with the grandparents or friends/a trusted babysitter during the actual move? This way, they are supervised, safe, and removed from the “action.” Then you can fully focus on the immediate moving tasks at hand.
  • If babysitting elsewhere is not an option: Safety first! Make sure your child is never unsupervised during Moving Day! After all, there are multiple additional risk factors during a move.
  • Don’t pack all of your child’s toys away. Keep a few of their favorites at hand to entertain them and to provide comfort.
  • Allow for extra room for your children’s needs in your Moving Essentials Kit.
  • Make sure your new home is child-proofed as soon as possible: covers for wall outlets, removal/securing of cables, no drawstrings on curtains, etc.

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