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Our Best Moving Tips for Families – Part 1

When you start researching moving tips for families, you will probably find they deal with a variety of areas – some organizational, others financial, some children-centered, some dealing with pets as the furry members of your family, etc. You might be looking for more general advice or for some dealing with a very specific challenge. That is why we have revisited some of our previous blog posts that deal with different aspects of moving and family life.

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Different categories of moving tips for families

There a various reasons why a family relocates. However, regardless of the “why”, choosing a new home is an integral and important step in the relocation process. Since we are moving specialists (not realtors), in the context of this article we will presume that the home selection has already taken place and you have set a date for the move. (Just in case the moving day needs to be postponed: We have written an article about that as well.)

Planning and preparation:

The planning and preparation phase of a move can make a lot of difference regarding the stress level of the actual moving day. For this reason, we have devoted many blog posts to the various aspects of a successful moving preparation. Let’s have a look!

Especially for larger-size families, a move can be quite a complex undertaking. Here are our tips for an early preparation to make moving easier:

Another important aspect of the preparation is understanding:

  • what to do
  • when to do it
  • who does what

This means you need to make a checklist that answers those questions. Writing it all down frees up a lot of mental energy, which can help significantly with the stress level and feeling of overwhelm that often accompanies a family move. In addition, a moving checklist creates accountability, because you get to literally “check off” the tasks that have already been accomplished. Find out more in our article about “How to create the best moving checklist for your move.”

Speaking of checklists: Moving can be a lot easier when you have all the necessary supplies at hand. Check out our blog post about your moving supplies list.

Further categories

Yes, we have mentioned different categories of our moving tips for families. At this point, we are still in the preparation phase, and we are not even yet done with that part! Therefore, make sure to check back with us in a few days when we will publish the second part!

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