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Finding the Right School in a New Area

Moving with a family is different than moving on one’s own.  One of the most important things you will do when moving your family is finding the right school for your children.  When you move, you re-open unlimited possibilities when it comes to where your kids go to school.

Moving Your Family Means Finding the Best Schools in the Area

Here are some tips to help you find the best schools when moving to a new area.

What Comes First?

Are you going to move based on the school, or choose a school based on where you live?  The former will give you a great deal of freedom in choosing a school, but the latter will help narrow your choices.  If you have the freedom to move to any area, you may consider partially basing your decision on the schools available.  However, if you are limited to moving to a specific area, you may need to do some detailed research.

Know Your Resources

Who can help you on your search for the right school?  There are a few resources you can approach.  Your real estate agent probably has a broad idea of the school systems in the area and can help narrow down your search.  You can also look at public records and statistics to get an idea of the history and academics in the area.  

Other parents in the community will also be a great resource.  They will know the best and worst aspects of the school and will be able to share that information with you.  

What Are You Looking For?

Your list may change or expand based on further research.  There may be opportunities or extracurricular activities that you didn’t realize were valuable.  The important thing to do is to know what you are looking for and cannot compromise on.  Are academics incredibly important to you?  Or is your child more independent, but needs a strong sports program?  Are the arts more in line with your child’s strengths?  You will want to consider not only what school is good on paper, but which school can recognize and nurture your child’s strengths to the fullest potential.  This is something only you as a parent will be able to determine, but you may want to ask former teachers where your child flourishes and where they may need more personalized attention.  This is a chance to not only find a good school, but the right school.

If you’re relocating, schools are a top priority.  We hope these tips will help you in your search.  What do you look for in a school?  Let us know in the comments below!


Finding the Right School in a New Area was last modified: May 8th, 2018 by Gary Thacker

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