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Moving with a Home Business

by | Sep 3, 2023

Running your business from home can have a lot of advantages. However, moving with a home business can add some complexity to your relocation plans. That’s why today’s blog post is dedicated to some aspects you need to take into consideration when choosing your new home.

Moving with a Home Business - Pastry Chef

A few considerations when moving with a home business

It is comparatively easy when your home business is solely office and internet-related. In such a case, there are probably not many additional criteria for your new home, other than fast internet connectivity, a space to set up your workplace, and the necessary electrical wiring.

Other businesses might have different selection criteria, so the following are a few general tips of what you might have to take into account, depending on the nature of your business.


Obviously, you need adequate space to conduct your business. The nature and size of this space depend on your individual situation, but if possible, a dedicated space separate from your living area is preferable.

Noise and Neighbors

Unless you live in a single home with enough private space, there is the potential issue of noise. If your workspace is adjacent to the space of any neighbors, make sure that the walls are thick enough that they won’t be disturbed by your work. If in doubt, consider furnishing that space with additional noise-absorbing fittings.

HOA Regulations

Make sure that the local HOA regulations or potential deed restrictions of your community are not preventing you from conducting your business from home.


Again, depending on your business: Are there any zoning regulations that might cause a problem for you? Check with your city. As an example, you can find information about local zoning for Tampa, FL, here, and for Riverview, FL, here.

Tax Deductions?

The IRS offers information on the question of moving and tax deductions on their website.

Bonus Information for Moving with a Business

As far as applicable:

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