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Moving Out For The First Time – First Apartment (Part 2)

Moving out for the first time can be an exciting time in your life. This is the second part of our tips on how to move into your first apartment. (You can find the first part here.)

saving money when moving out for the first time

How to save money when moving out for the first time


Keep in mind that you will likely need to make a few compromises to stay within your budget. Do not go overboard with new purchases that are not really necessary. First, make sure that you have taken care of such cost factors like moving fees, security deposit, rent and utilities. Only then will you have better picture of how much is left in your moving budget.

Start early with collecting packing material for the move. It is fantastic to have a moving company that is able to accommodate everything from providing the supplies, packing, and transporting your belongings. That aside, when you have much more time and energy than money on your hands, finding alternate sources for packing materials is not so hard:

  • With an increasing amount of online shopping, we also get an increasing amount of used packaging supplies that we usually discard/recycle. Once you know of your impending move, make sure to store away some of these materials for further use: Sturdy cardboard boxes, bubble wrap etc.
  • Ask your local grocery or electricity store for used cardboard boxes. They usually have a lot of packaging material that they need to discard anyway.
  • Most have some of the material already at hand, without being aware of it: You can use towels, bed sheets and even pieces of clothing to wrap around breakables and to use as buffers between dishes, smaller electronics etc.
  • It may be tempted to get a whole set of new “grown-up” furniture for your new place. But consider incorporating as much furniture as possible from your old room into the interior design of your new apartment. In a different setting and differently arranged, they might look much better than you’d expect.


How to find more tips for a successful move


As mentioned in our previous post: You might get many good ideas and information when discussing your move with others, who have already gained some moving experience with moving from one home to another. They know first-hand about potential oversights or unexpected hitches in the plan. Let them have a look at your moving checklist. They might be able to come up with some to-dos and ideas you have not thought of yourself.

You can also find a lot of information online. For starters, take a closer look at the rest of our blog, which provides multiple moving tips and a good resource for information on various subjects in connection with moving.

Do you have any questions about our services and the potential costs of moving? Simply contact us for further information.



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