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Moving Last Minute? Why you should hire a full-service moving company!

by | May 15, 2024

Moving last minute can be a hassle due to all the planning, stress, and work involved. Making an abrupt transition under time constraints makes moving inconvenient and places you under immense pressure. That’s why you should consider hiring a full-service moving company.

Rather than facing a last-minute move alone, they can handle everything for you. To help you learn more about these service companies, Brothers EZ Moving in Tampa Bay, Florida, has provided all you need to know about full-service moving and what you can expect from our full service moving services.  

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What Is A Full-Service Moving Company?

Unlike traditional movers, a full-service moving company manages all aspects of your move:

  • Packing
  • Transportation
  • Loading
  • Unloading

What sets these companies apart is that they offer a wide range of services to accommodate last-minute relocations.

They create a specific plan for executing the move based on your needs. Often, they use a moving checklist to maintain organization for same-day or urgent moves. As a result, your transition will be smoother than doing it independently. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Full-Service Movers

If you’re unsure what is best for your last-minute relocation, here are the main reasons why you should choose full-service moving companies:


You don’t have to tackle an immediate transition alone. You will be worry-free and feel confident knowing that a team of professionals will manage all moving phases without requiring your assistance. 


Along with having minimal responsibilities, full-service movers are convenient. Rather than scrambling to balance your time and efforts, they plan and execute the relocation in a timely manner. This gives you the opportunity to take care of other important matters, like making arrangements for your pets or canceling your utility services at the old address.

Trained & Experienced 

Full-service moving crews are knowledgeable, trained, and experienced in immediate relocations. This allows them to tackle any quick move without a hitch. For instance, they can pack your items properly so nothing is damaged.

Reliable & Trustworthy

One of the major benefits is that you can count on them to do the job when you are physically unable or enduring challenging circumstances. 

Ensures Safety

Full-service companies keep you and your belongings safe. They use the best techniques and equipment to transport your items. When doing it yourself, you’re at risk for injury (i.e., lifting boxes with your back instead of bearing the weight with your legs). 

Since they use inventory checklists to keep track of all your belongings, your stuff is less likely to risk being stolen, lost, or damaged. 

More Efficient

Preparing for a same-day move on a short timeline becomes hectic due to an inability to plan in advance. Unlike DIY moves, full-service professionals have the necessary experience and skills to accomplish the move quickly while remaining organized.

Reduces Costs 

Paying for your own transportation, gas, packing materials, and storage can be expensive, especially when you have to make multiple trips. Oftentimes, unforeseen costs arise. For example, you may forget something and waste gas and money to retrieve the item. 

Professionals will use an inventory checklist to determine the appropriate size of vehicles to reduce unnecessary trips to and from your new home. Their ability to remain organized and perform the services efficiently helps you avoid the unforeseen costs of doing it yourself.

More so, for one flat rate that includes all services, you can reduce the amount of money wasted on ineffective planning. 

Costs are based on several factors, such as:

  • Moving date 
  • Season
  • Distance
  • Labor
  • Packing materials 
  • Weight of belongings (interstate moves) 

They even have liability and valuation insurance to cover you in case of a lost or damaged item. This prevents you from paying out-of-pocket to replace an item.

Comprehensive Services

The beauty of having extra services available is that you have many options to choose from. For instance, they can pack your items and use special equipment to move heavy objects. In addition, many companies provide junk removal to assist with purging your excess belongings. If you’re purging or decluttering unwanted things to donate or toss, they can make the process more efficient. 

Instant Quote

With a last-minute transition, you are provided a moving estimate. They will likely provide a binding estimate that guarantees the total moving cost. You can get quotes online, over the phone, or by having an expert come out and inspect your house.

Immediate Services

Whether you are moving on the same day or just in a short time span, immediate services are available upon request.

Services Offered by a Full-Service Company

What’s great about hiring full-service movers is that they offer many services. As a result, you don’t have to bear the responsibility alone. Instead, you can relax, knowing everything is done for you. Packing is a project in and of itself, especially when operating under a small time window to leave.

The following is a list of additional services typically offered by a full-service moving company:


When you’re relocating with little preparation or notice, the professionals will use their various trucks to store and transport all your items from one location to the next.

Packing & Unpacking

If you’re in a rush, having a full-service company that can properly pack and unpack your belongings is beneficial. This ensures that your items aren’t lost or damaged. They will pack fragile items (i.e., glassware, picture frames), kitchenware, and appliances. 

Specialized Equipment

Full-service movers use specialized equipment for sudden moves that require the movement of heavy objects (i.e., pianos, pool tables, and treadmills) from tricky spaces. For example, they may use

  • Dollys
  • Cranes
  • Hand trucks 

Assembling & Disassembling Furniture

A comprehensive service company generally provides assistance with assembling and disassembling furniture. This guarantees your possessions are handled with care and transported without injury.


When you have a mess that needs to be tackled, full-service movers either have an in-house crew or outsource a team they trust.

Long Carry

For moving items over longer distances (hallway), companies offer long carry for an added fee.  

Shuttle Service

If you live in a city with limited parking, professional movers won’t be able to fit their larger 18-wheelers. So instead, they’ll use a shuttle (a smaller truck) to carry your belongings from your home to the larger truck parked more safely nearby. 

Junk Removal

Many companies offer junk removal services for those who want to purge belongings before a big relocation. 

Long-distance Relocation

Whether you’re moving interstate (between states) or intrastate (within the same state), most full-service movers will provide long-distance relocation.

Contact Brothers EZ Moving For Your Last-Minute Relocation!

Following Brothers EZ Moving’s guide, you can make informed decisions regarding our full-service moving company. Our experts in Tampa Bay, Florida, are movers dedicated to making your transition worry-free. 

With our flat rate binding quote, there are no hidden fees, and we charge based on the truck, not weight.

At Brothers EZ Moving, we specialize in:

  • Local & long distance moves
  • Office Relocations
  • Junk Removal
  • Packing Services
  • Transportation

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