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Moving Industry Terminology Explained

When you are looking for a new home, the real estate and moving industry terminology can become a bit confusing. Changing homes is an important event, and you want to make sure to make the right choice and ask the right questions about the place itself, the process of moving, as well as the actual research for a moving company that fits your needs. For example, here are a few terms you will encounter on our website:

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Moving industry terminology: A few important keywords from our website

Estimate (also: Quote)

The estimate is an important factor for the research of your moving company, because it gives you a better idea about the costs to expect for moving services you plan to outsource to a professional provider. We at Brothers EZ Moving provide you with a FREE quote, based on either the information you send us via our request form, or alternatively during a personal meeting and visual estimate.


A special insurance is important to protect your possessions during the process of moving. There are various forms of moving-specific insurances with different levels of coverage. Find out more about different insurance options here:

  1. Released Value Protection
  2. Home Owners Insurance
  3. Full Value Protection

Local versus long-distance movers

We have just dedicated a whole blog post to this subject, so we are not going to spend too much time on this today. Let us just say that local (short distance) movers are your partners for moving within your own city and surrounding, while long-distance movers take care of your move that go beyond that, especially when this means another state or even country. This is an important distinction in respect to the required professional licenses, the cost calculation and more.

Find out more!

Of course, the moving industry terminology is a wide field that we could not possibly cover within one single blog post. That is why we have collected a few resources for you, from where you can find out more:

Last not least: If you have a particular question regarding the wording in your moving estimate or your contract etc., make sure you ask your provider for clarification. For a free estimate concerning your move or any questions regarding our services, simply contact us!




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