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Moving Frequently? Tips for Keeping it ‘EZ’

Moving can be stressful. Moving frequently? Even more so. The good news is: Developing the right routines and being prepared makes things a lot easier.

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Our tips when moving frequently

  • Go digital: A library full of books is a dream come true for many avid readers. However, when it comes to moving homes, it is much more work to than the equivalent of books in a digital (ebook) format. This, of course, is also applicable to CDs and DVDs.
  • Keep your documents organized: Passport and other IDs, birth certificates, medical records etc. should be kept handy and stored in such a way that they are protected from damage (folders, document protectors etc.)
  • Moving checklist: Keep your personal moving checklist for before and after the move in a digital form, so you can simply update it each time where and when applicable.
  • Keep the clutter under control: Friends of the KonMari method or a generally minimalist lifestyle are already aware of this. Less clutter can help keep things simpler, and this is especially true when moving. You need to do some extra decluttering prior to moving? Take a look at our 3-part blog series “Better Move Organization by Decluttering Your Home in Advance, (Part 2), (Part 3)
  • Moving supplies: Do you move frequently? As long as your ‘used’ moving boxes are still in a good condition, why not keep them and reuse them for the next move? Fold them and store them in a dry place. (The same goes for materials like bubble-wrap.) This saves money and also means you have it all at hand as soon you need to start packing again.
  • Laptop instead of desktop: A mobile computer is easier to transport and to use during and after the move.
  • Mobile devices and other electronics: When it comes to your electronics, keep such things as batteries, a power bank and perhaps even a mobile hot spot device at hand. This can be a lot of help when you don’t have all your utility providers back in place after moving.

Professionals make it easier – a lot!

Moving happens to be the very thing we at Brothers EZ Moving are the experts in. Moving frequently, that is what we do – at least for our clients. Therefore we can say with all confidence: Having the right professionals helping with your move helps a lot with making things “EZ”. Contact Brothers EZ Moving for your personal free moving estimate!

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