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Movers in Tampa Make Smarter Moves by Covering Your Assets

by | Sep 3, 2023

Movers in TampaBrothers EZ Moving, movers in Tampa, wants you to CYA – Cover Your Assets. When you move to a new location, you pack up your entire life.  

Your valuables, possessions, and your memories are packed up and moved with the assumption that they will be safe.  However, in case of life, Brothers EZ Moving offers a solution.

We offer limited types of moving insurance and have also partnered with other insurance companies to make sure that you are protected no matter what kind of coverage you need.

Movers in Tampa Says Be Sure to CYA

Although Brothers EZ Moving provides free insurance for every move they are hired to do, this is a basic insurance program.  

Released Value Protection

  • The assurance that the highest level of care will be taken with your possessions
  • Requires us to help you with replacement of your items if harm comes to them while our company is performing the move
  • The coverage is .60 per pound, meaning that we will assist up to that amount, or fifty dollars per item.

We highly recommend home owners insurance for your items.  Some policies will actually cover your assets during a move, so it’s best to speak with your agent and find out whether you are covered.  

Some policies only cover the items if they are in the home.  If a policy does not cover this, there is an additional Goods in Transit policy you can obtain.  

A Goods in Transit policy covers loss, destruction, or damage to your property while it is being moved from one location to another.

Full value replacement insurance, or assessed value protection, is the highest form of protection, and can be obtained through a third party insurance company.  

This means that any loss or damage you incur while Brothers EZ Moving is moving your furniture will be fully covered by your insurance, after the portion that we are already responsible for based on our Released Value Protection provided with every move.  

When you purchase this insurance, you will be choosing an amount you would like covered in case of an incident.  Because of this, you can be flexible with your use of full replacement insurance.

You can choose to assess the value of all of your assets and cover that monetary amount.  However, if you have a specific item you are particularly concerned with moving, full value replacement insurance on the monetary value of that specific item can be very useful.

Due to the level of involvement with full value replacement insurance, we recommend shopping around to quote the insurance before settling on a specific company.  

Once you’ve chosen your company and itemized what you are having covered, we also recommend you take pictures that are date stamped so that you have evidence of the condition your property is in before the move, in case you need to file a claim.

Insurance for your property that covers you during a move is an important consideration when you are relocating.  At Brothers EZ Moving, movers in Tampa, we always take the utmost precaution with your valuables.  

However, in case of unusual circumstances, your moving insurance can ensure that you can easily repair or restore any damage or harm that may come to your property.  

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Adan and Fil were efficient and handled items with care. I would use them again.
These guys were great. Very polite and professional. Hard workers and the move went well with no damages!And Gary is very patient with me as I had difficulties trying to get him paid through Zelle and had to get a business check but he was very patient and we got it all figured out. I would recommend this company for local moves.
Highly recommend this company. From estimate to final move, we received the best service from the office staff who explained and answered all our questions and the 2 young men who moved us taking all precautions with our items. Thank you for your transparency and professionalism.