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Most Movers Won’t Move These Items

by | Sep 3, 2023

If you hire a professional mover, you have just saved yourself a lot of time and energy.  Don’t be fooled, however- there are certain items you’ll still have to take care of on your own.  Because of liability and the dedication to your safety and the safety of your belongings, there are some items that movers just won’t move.

Professional Florida Movers Don’t Move These Items

Knowing what to move, and what not to, is a big part of being a responsible and professional mover.  Professional Florida movers know better than to move these items for you.  

Liquids, Gases, and Flammables

Most movers don’t move liquids because of the risk to your belongings.  If something spills in the truck, your items could be greatly damaged.  Gases and flammables are an even greater risk, which is why most movers just say no to these items.


Plants are just too delicate for movers!  Most plants require special care and are very fragile when compared to other items.  They can also be messy, which opens up damage possibilities for your furniture and other items.

Extreme Valuables

When valuables are discussed, many people have trouble clarifying.  Antiques and other valuable items are movable- in fact, we are highly trained to move them!  However, when it comes to jewelry cash, or deeds, most movers do not move these items.  They are personal and of significant value, which tells us to proceed with caution.

Safes Over 500 lbs

Our movers do not move safes over 500 pounds.  It is simply too much!

When it comes to your safety, the safety of our employees, and the protection of your belongings, we take our job here very seriously.  Any items we do not move is simply for your own protection, and that is our highest priority!  Did any of these items surprise you?  Let us know in the comments below!



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