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More Moving Tips for Seniors

by | Sep 3, 2023

“Moving tips for seniors” is the third part of our series all around the topic of senior living and moving. You can find the other parts here:

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Move Preparation

As far as we are concerned, moving tips for seniors should also include information on the preparation of the move.

  • When senior persons move to a new home, there is often a level of downsizing involved. One example is when you move out of the family home into a smaller place. Have a look at our tips for downsizing the family home.
  • Decluttering is usually a part of this process as well. We have written extensively about this aspect of move preparation in our tips for decluttering your home part 1, part 2, and part 3.
  • As usually, we recommend creating a checklist for your move. This way, you have a better overview of the various tasks involved. You can keep track of these tasks and can check them off your list once they are taken care of. Writing down your to-dos has the added benefit of freeing up your mental energy and avoid overwhelm. You also get an idea of which tasks you might rather delegate to either private helpers or professionals.
  • A certain amount of cleaning your previous home in preparation for the new residents is part of every move. Find out more about what is involved and how to best handle it in our move out cleaning post, and keep in mind that this is a good example of where it makes sense to get some help. The same goes for the tasks involved in move-in cleaning.

Settling into your new Home

Unless you have moved locally, you might need to find new contacts for your medical care as well as ways to pursue your personal interests, connect socially, etc.

Health care providers:

If you are a Medicare recipient, their website offers you the option to search for and compare health care resources and providers that are covered by Medicare. If you cannot stay with your current doctor due to location issues, another option is to ask them for recommendations.

A quick Google search for “Emergency Rooms near me” shows you the location for ER facilities close to you. In order for this to work, Google needs to know your current location. You can allow Google to recognize this automatically by adjusting the settings. Otherwise, simply substitute the “near me” with your zip code, as in “emergency room” + your zip code. If you prefer to search offline, consult your local phone book.

As always, if you experience an emergency that is potentially life-threatening, don’t waste precious time by doing an online search, but dial 911 immediately in order to receive emergency assistance.

Connect socially:

If you are a member of a religious community, your local place of worship and the often connected community center should provide a good starting point.

You can also consult a local senior center directory to find a senior center in your area.

Public libraries do not only offer access to books, movies, etc. In addition, they frequently offer activity programs. Have a look at more info about public libraries here, where you can also look for libraries according to your location (state/city). Again, if you are not comfortable with doing your research online, the print version of your local phone book is a good way to start as well.

However, if you like to use the internet to learn more about your new area and connect with people, try Meetup.com. This website allows you to look for groups and activities according to your location and interests.

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