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Make your Office Move a Success

by | Sep 3, 2023

In this article, we have collected various tips and useful information on how to prepare for an office move. After all, moving from one place to another privately is already challenging, so we feel relocating a whole office is project on an even more complex level. Good organization and the right moving partners are key factors for a successful office/business move.


Why an office relocation is different from moving to a new home


  • An office move can involve a handful of people, or even a hundred, depending on the number of employees. Just try to imagine moving a family of a hundred members, and that alone should speak for itself.
  • Offices are the operational heart of most businesses. Even though a move causes a lot of stress and organizational disruption, companies usually need to keep operational interruption to a minimum.
  • Depending on the nature of the business, office moves can involve highly sensitive data in the form of files and databases in hard copy as well as digital form.


How to prepare for an office move


How to prepare for an office move


  • Make sure to delegate responsibilities, including that of a project manager (unless you are taking care of that yourself). Consider your office relocation a project, and the actual moving day (or moving period) is a major milestone, but only one of several.
  • Hold regular team meetings with the members of the project team to ensure communication and accountability.
  • Inform all your employees in advance to give them enough opportunity for preparations within their respective department(s).
  • Let your customers/clients and business partners know about any impending interruptions of the daily business routine that may concern them.
  • Communicate your new address before the move, including the date of it becoming official.
  • Make sure to leave enough room in your relocation budget to account for any unforeseen expenditures.
  • We have already written about the differences between an office and a home relocation. Nevertheless, they also have quite a few things they have in common. One of those is that a move is a good occasion to do some office decluttering in advance.
  • Check your inventory to ensure it is up to date for moving day.
  • Decide carefully, which files and technical equipment you can pack how far in advance. Once you have packed them, do it in such a way that you still have access to everything that you might need last minute.


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