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Long Distance Moves with Brothers EZ Moving

Long distance moves can be a hassle without the right help!  Check out Michael’s experience and how we were able to help.

Long Distance Moves Are Easier with the Right Help

Brothers EZ Moving packed, loaded, transported, and unloaded our home belonging from Tampa, FL to DFW, TX.  They provided all packing materials for items that included bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, office furniture, and a special item (a very expensive framed picture).  The preparation of furniture included disassembly and assembly.  The company provided two large rental trucks for the move along with the drivers.  Additionally, Brothers EZ Moving stored our items in the truck for approximately 10 days while waiting for the home to close in Texas.

**Our Tampa residence was a townhome with three levels and very tight stairwells.

There is NO WAY POSSIBLE, to explain in this short space,  all of the ‘quirks’ and what we thought were huge problems that we informed Josh and Gary about this move.  But each time they calmly said they could handle it.  One example was the fact that we had to vacate on the 18th of January, but we could not take possession of the house in San Antonio, until the 22nd.  They had informed us that the truck would take 2 days to travel.  But, they held the trucks so that they would not arrive before we did.  I had placed ‘post its’ on the walls to tell the men where furniture was to be placed.  In one room, once all furniture was in it, I realized that all pieces could not stay, they uncomplainingly moved the furniture.  That is the way the  whole move went.  They worked an extra 30 minutes trying to fit a huge piece of wood- that I had forgotten to tell them I wanted to take. 

 I have moved too many times to even keep track.  Gone from California to Florida, and now back to Texas.  I have used the ‘big’  companies and small local ones… but I have not encountered a company that tried so hard to make this difficult time as easy for my family as Brothers EZ tried.  There was valuables left out, valuables in their possession, and everything was accounted for and safe.  I can’t remember all their names, but down to the last one, they were polite, professional, compassionate and easy to talk to!  Without reserve I would recommend them.  In fact a good friend has already used them!
We were so glad to help Michael.  What do you expect from long distance moves?  Let us know your concerns in the comments below!

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