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Apps to Help You Adjust to a New Community

Moving can be difficult in more ways than one. Adjusting to a new community can take time and sometimes seems impossible when you’re brand new. In today’s technological world, convenience is key. Our long distance movers in Pasco, FL recommend these great apps for helping you get adjusted to a new community.

Long Distance Movers in Pasco, FL Reveal Best Apps to Adjust to a New Community


One of the hardest parts about moving to a new area is meeting new people. Meetup is an app used to meet friends, and it bases your matches on common interests. Whether your interests are reading, DIY crafting, or animals, you’ll be able to find someone in your niche with meet up. This app is highly recommended for people moving to a new area- especially if they don’t know anyone.

Around Me

Around me is an app that is invaluable if you’re trying to navigate a new area. When you’re just finishing running errands and you want to grab lunch, or you’re running out of gas, Around Me will let you know the closest place according to where you are at the moment. If you’re in a new town, this app can be very useful in finding last minutes stops.


Sometimes vicinity isn’t the main goal. When you move to a new location, you’re looking for your new favorite. Your new favorite laundromat, your new favorite coffee house, and your new favorite restaurant. Yelp is a great way to determine what is good in your area.  You can look up places by category and read the reviews that are posted. If you live in a smaller community, it’s also a great way to find out the local hot spots. A place with multiple reviews in a small community is probably pretty popular, and could lead to meeting some of your new neighbors.


A great way to get involved with your community is to get involved with your community!  Catalista helps you find local charities and nonprofits near you where you can volunteer your time.  You can even keep track of your hours, and invite your Facebook friends to volunteer.

Downloading these applications after you’ve hired your long distance movers in Pasco, FL will give you a head start to getting involved and getting around. Equipped with these apps, you’ll be the star of your community in no time.


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