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Local Movers Tampa FL List 5 Things To Do Before You Move

by | Sep 3, 2023

Local Movers Tampa FLAt Brothers EZ Moving, local movers Tampa FL, we are more than just a moving company.  We provide packing services, have partnerships with storage facilities, and even have connections with insurance companies to protect your belongings.  

Moving is our business, and we are experts in our industry.  With our experience, we are often able to provide valuable advice to our clients.  Over time, we’ve learned that there are certain things you can do before you move to ensure that you have a safe and smooth transition.

5 Things Local Movers Tampa FL Say You Must Know

1) One of the best things you can do before a move is to cut the extras.  Get rid of things that you didn’t realize you had, or haven’t used.  Take the opportunity to replace what you have been wanting to replace.

Make your move easier by eliminating what you don’t feel like you need anymore.  This is a great project to start at least four months before your move, so that you can take your time and sort through before your movers start packing your items.

2) When you have a move-in date, make sure you switch your utilities.  Call your utility companies, and set up a switch date for everything to move from your original home to your new one.  Utility companies are experienced in this, so they should be able to easily walk you through the process.

3) Start your change of address about a month before your move, if you are able to receive mail at your new address.  You can do this online now, and it is recommended that you enlist someone close to you to check in every now and then for the first couple weeks after the move to make sure nothing is left behind.  

In addition to your address change, you should notify anyone you correspond with of your move.  Clients, email correspondents, and family members you may have forgotten to notify may be offended or even inconvenienced by the oversight.

4) If you are moving to a new climate, visit your mechanic and see if there are any changes or preparations that need to be made to your vehicle.  This is also a good idea if you are moving a long distance and will be driving your car to move it to the new location.  In addition, set aside clothing that will be necessary in the new climate.

5) Finally, make sure that you pack a two day care package for yourself and your family.  Necessary clothing, coffee, food, hygiene products, hair care products, and even laundry detergent may be some good items to have if you are slow to unpack.  If you have packed yourself, make sure you have a couple more boxes of items you will need in the immediate future to ensure that you can find what you need for the first week or two in your new home.

Brothers EZ Moving, local movers Tampa FL, can help you to make a smooth transition to your new home.  We strive to give our clients all of the information they need to relocate and start their new lives.  

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