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Shows to Binge Watch With Your Family After Your Move

Are you moving this summer?  Sometimes, the first few days in a new home are the toughest.  Most of your items are still packed up, and all you have is the television and the couch.  If you plan your move properly, you’ll at least have an internet connection, which means you can stream some shows for evening entertainment.

Include These Shows in the Timeline When You Plan Your Move 

Here are some of our favorite shows to binge watch when you move into your new home.

Planet Earth 2

If you watched the original Planet Earth, you know what to expect here- mostly.  With much more detailed videography, this documentary-style show takes you into some of the most fascinating situations in nature.  The style of the show makes it exciting and cinematic, making it a perfect choice for family night.

The Paradise

Are historical stories your jam?  This show is a perfect choice.  It is a love story that takes place in England’s first department store and is set in the 1870’s. The fashion, history, and characters will steal the hearts of you and your family.

Hart of Dixie

Some of the themes may be more teenage oriented, but this show is a feel-good favorite.  Rachel Bilson is charming and quirky as a NYC doctor who moves to a small southern town to take over her father’s practice.  It’s a show full of life, humor, and romance, and will make those first few nights in your new home fly by.


Before Supernatural, there was Merlin.  This is a great fantasy show with wizards, knights, dragons, and magic that kids and adults alike will love.  


The Good Witch

If you’re looking for a wholesome family favorite, The Good Witch is the right show.  Although the main character is never proven to have magic, goodwill and joy seem to follow her around.  She uses her “powers” to improve the lives of those around her and helps her neighbors and family through difficult times.  Watch the movies by Hallmark first for a little background information.

Moving can be tough, and sitting in an empty space while you are unpacking is no fun at all.  Hopefully, these family favorites will help make it easier for you to enjoy your first few days in your new home!

Shows to Binge Watch With Your Family After Your Move was last modified: May 8th, 2018 by Gary Thacker

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