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How to Sell Home Furnishings When Moving

One question to ask yourself researching how to sell home furnishings when moving is:

“Am I selling for profit, for the sake of decluttering, or perhaps a combination of both?”


  • “How quickly do I need the money?”
  • “Are my potential customers local, regional, or even further away?”
  • “How comfortable am I with selling online?”
  • “How far do I want to interact with the buyers?”
Furniture Set - How to Sell Home Furnishings When Moving

Selling locally and “offline”

  • If you prefer not to sell via the internet, you have several options to sell your used furniture the “old-school” way and place an ad in the local newspaper.
  • A (brick-and-mortar) consignment store is a good option for people who prefer to stay out of the selling process. The advantage is that you can get the items out of your home quickly (provided the store accepts it), but it might take some time untill it is sold and you get the money. It’s also worth to check the percentage of the commission the store keeps.
  • While a local flea market is technically an option, the transport to the site (and back) makes it a rather impractical solution.
  • Yard or Garage Sale: We have already written about the how-tos here: Tips for Organizing a Yard Sale/Garage Sale (Part 1) and Part 2.

Selling online

There are numerous online places where you can sell your used furniture; the following are only a few examples.

You can find more websites, marketplaces, and instructions on how to sell home furnishings when moving in the link list at the end of this blog post.

Stay safe!

Not to be alarmist here, but we really want to urge you to follow a few safety measures when conducting the sale (i.e. exchange of money and goods). The smaller the items, the easier it normally is to meet at a public location. With bulky furniture, this can be problematic, unless you have the means to transport the pieces yourself to the meeting place.

If this is not an option and potential buyer needs to come to your home, avoid meeting them alone when they come over.

A compromise, if applicable, might be to meet present the item in your driveway or garage. That way you don’t have to let strangers directly into your home.

Let Brothers EZ Moving take care of the Rest

Even if you have successfully sold your furniture/furnishings when moving day arrives, it’s very likely that there are still quite a few items to pack and transport to your new home. That’s where we come in! Contact us for further information and to request a free moving estimate.

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