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How to Save Money on Moving Costs

by | Sep 3, 2023

Moving can be expensive. “How to save money on moving costs?” is therefore a frequent question. Anyway, moving to a new place does not need to break the bank, especially if you make informed decisions and consider your priorities.

As moving experts, our goal is to make the moving process easy for you. That’s why we have compiled the following tips to help you save money.


How to save on moving costs


1.  Declutter your home in advance

Moving is a great opportunity to prioritize your belongings – not only for fans of a minimalistic lifestyle! If you are looking for tips on how to save money on moving costs, decluttering your home even has a double impact on your finances:

  1. Less items to move reduces the costs of moving them.
  2. If you sell your superflouus or outdated items, it puts money back into your moving budget!

To read more about the benefits and how-tos of decluttering your home before a move, have a look at some of our earlier blog posts:

2.  Find out if you can deduct your expenses

Are you moving for work?  If you are, moving expenses are deductible. They can make a considerable difference in your tax return at the end of the year.  Keep track of expenses such as supplies, mileage, and services.

3.  Ask questions

Find out whether there is off-season pricing if your moving date is flexible.  Ask about every service, and get estimates for multiple levels of service.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  

4.  Consider going for the full service

Choosing a full service package with your moving company might save you monay, because many moving companies offer incentives for such cases. For example, at Brothers EZ Moving, you receive a fifty percent discount on supplies when you use our full packing service.

However, if you’d rather invest more time and energy of your own, you can find a few tips here on the moving supplies you probably need.

5.  Remember that your time is money, too

This goes in the direction of “How to save money on moving costs”… plus other savings.

Moving takes time, especially if you’re not experienced and/or lack the proper equipment.  You should take into account all of the costs of moving on your own versus using professionals.  Make sure you factor in time missed from work, gas, transportation, and supplies. (And yes, if you think about asking your friends for their help when moving, consider the fact that at some point the same might be expected from you.) 

As stated before, it is important that you make an informed decision. Therefore, contact Brothers EZ Moving today for a free estimate of your moving costs! 



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