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How to Safely Store Items In Storage Units

Storage units/storing facilities can be an immensely practical thing. When you are planning to move into a new home, they are especially helpful: Here you can store those things you do not want/need in your home, but which you still do not want to discard. They are also helpful when it comes to organizing your move. But how do you  ensure the safety of your belongings when you move them into storage:

  1. Select the right facility
  2. Prepare the items for storage
  3. Ensure the proper transport of the items to the storage facility

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Storage facilities/storage units: Which one is the best for your purpose?

There is a vast number of storage facilities to choose from. We have already addressed the question of selecting the right location/unit before. Here are some more factors to keep in mind:

  • Security: The storage facility must be properly secured (locks, camera system and/or security personnel).
  • Location: Make sure that the storage place is not too far away.
  • Access: You want to be able to access your possessions easily and in a time frame that works best for you and your schedule.
  • Climate/humidity/cleanliness: The storage unit facility should be clean, dry, and free of critters that might damage your possessions. Also look for features like “temperature-controlled” and/or “climate-controlled” to protect the stored goods from molding.

How to prepare your possessions for storage

  • As far in advance as possible, store everything in sturdy boxes and label the boxes clearly with their content.
  • Before packing fragile items, wrap them adequately. Use bubble wrap or other cushioning material to prevent them from getting damaged.
  • If you need to stack boxes, using boxes of a uniform size work best. There are also boxes available that are especially fitted to stack them more comfortably. Make sure that the boxes are not stacked too high and that everything is stable.
  • If you need to store furniture or other larger items that cannot be stored in boxes, wrap them in blankets or moving pads. Plastic wrapping might lead to humidity getting trapped underneath. This might result in mold or mildew.  You may want to consider a damp rid moisture remover as well.
  • Think ahead when placing the items in the storage room: Put everything that you do not anticipate to need anytime soon in the back of the storage space. Other things that you might need at an earlier point should be easily accessible.
  • Make an inventory list of the stored items.  Possibly consider a list with a numbering system for each box.
  • Make sure to handle everything with care during the transport. Or to make things easier for you: Why not let us handle it? We do not only provide moving services, but we can also do the packing. In addition, we cooperate with several local storage facilities.

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