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How to Prepare For Your Move Early (Part 1)

Moving can be less stressful, when you know how to prepare for your move. Starting with your preparations early and taking care of some things in advance will save you quite of time on moving day. If you are unsure of where to start, here are a few tips for you:


how to prepare for your moveHow to prepare for your move? Make a plan!


Create a comprehensive checklist with all your to-dos and a timeline leading up to moving day, as well as for the transitional period when you have just moved in. The busier you get and the more complex the move, the easier it is to forget the little things. Working off of a check list will help you to keep track of everything big or small. You can read more about our recommendations for creating your moving checklist here.

Are you nervous about your list not being complete? Ask your friends or family members to brainstorm with you. Take advantage of their input and utilize this as an opportunity to ask them for help if needed.


Early preparations that make a lot of sense


  • Declutter your home prior to the move. If you sort out all those items you do not want to take with you anymore, items that are broken or simply superfluous discarded will mean less work with packing and hauling. It will also give you a much better overview of the amount of things that actually need packing. Bonus: If you manage to sell some of your excess stuff, you might make a bit of money to add to your moving budget. For further information and inspiration, have a look at some of our previous blog posts:


Once you know which possessions you will be taking with you, it is time to think about packing.

  • Clothes: Depending on your location and climate, you can pack most of your off-season clothing  in advance. You should, however, keep a few of those clothing articles within reach for unexpected weather changes. The rest can be packed and either stored in a more remote area of your place, where it is out of your way. Alternatively, in case you already have early access to your new home, you could even drive them over there or place in storage.


Check back with us next week for more tips on how to prepare for your move. And contact us for a free quote on your move!

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