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How to Plan a Fun and ‘EZ’ Housewarming Party

Congratulations on purchasing your first home! This is a very exciting time, and you’re beginning to plan your future. It is important to take some time away from the stress of unpacking. There is one big way to eliminate the typical stress that follows a move. Throw a housewarming party in your new home!


Planning Your Housewarming Party

For some, the idea of throwing a party shortly after taking on the task of a big move sounds like too much to handle. However, for most, this provides an excellent opportunity to kick back, relax, and spend some much-needed time with loved ones. If you follow these few tips, your housewarming party could be stress-free and EZ.

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Know When to Send Your Invites Out

If you want to go the traditional route, you will want to create a formal invitation for your housewarming soiree. Typically, those who go this route are advised to send out invites about a month in advance. As an alternative, to save money and time, you may try using Facebook invitations. It is the fastest and usually most effective way to provide information about your party.

Provide Light Finger-Foods and Snacks

The key to your party should be simplicity. Moving is a big task, and when it’s time to have fun, you should be focusing your time on exactly that, fun! People tend to bond more during mealtimes or snacking. Providing your guests with light snacks and refreshments is a great way to bring everyone together.

Prep Your Party Playlist

Any party can be made simple and fun by throwing together a party playlist. Don’t worry about planning activities and games. Just focus on listening to some great music with great people. We suggest adding some songs to get everyone dancing; dancing makes everything seem fun!

Give Your Guests Individual Tours

Walking a big group of people through your new home, and answering hundreds of questions can become overwhelming. Skip the giant stressful group, and walk smaller groups or individuals through separately. This gives you the chance to speak to your guests individually, and thank them for coming. (This gets you out of the big speech at the end, too!)

Hire Professional Movers

Often times, when we decide to take on a move by ourselves, boxes, bags, and other items can begin to become cluttered. The process should be simpler, so you can get to your party planning. Hire professional movers who can do the packing, loading, and moving for you.


Things To Avoid While Planning for Your Party

Parties should be fun, light, and entertaining. They are something to look forward to, and meant to be enjoyed thoroughly. So naturally, you may want to avoid these common mishaps, or hiccups, that could put a damper on the party.

  • Don’t paint right before the party. The risk of ruining your new walls and surfaces could add stress to an otherwise fun event.
  • Don’t go overboard with decorating. Moves can be costly. Decorations that will just be thrown away after, are likely not on your budget.
  • Gifts can take a lot of room, and just become a chore for more organization. If you receive gifts, have a designated area for them to avoid unnecessary clutter.
  • You want to make new friends in the neighborhood, and that’s fantastic. However, that will come in time. If you are planning a housewarming party on a budget, keep your guest list close and simple.


At the end of the day, a housewarming party should be fun and simple. There should be no added stress, and they should be focused highly on enjoying yourself with your loved ones. If you follow the above tips and ideas, you can ensure a wonderful and EZ housewarming party!


How to Plan a Fun and ‘EZ’ Housewarming Party was last modified: April 24th, 2019 by Gary Thacker
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