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How to Pack Wine Bottles for Moving

Learning how to pack wine bottles for moving to a new home is an essential part of the moving process, especially if you’re an enthusiast with a large collection. The absolute last thing you want is to lose some of your collection or have it break and spill over the rest of your belongings, staining everything and spreading broken glass.

The best thing to do is just to make sure you’re packing it all up properly, and in this guide, we’re going to show you how to do just that.

Wine bottle and grapes - how to pack Wine Bottles for Moving

Check Your Stock

First, before you do anything, you’ve got to spend time checking your inventory to see how much wine you’re planning to move. This is easy if you have a few bottles, but if you’re moving an extensive collection, you’ll have to count it all up.

One of the key lessons of learning how to pack wine bottles for moving is to consider the weight of your move. Wine, and all bottles of alcohol for that matter, is heavy, and if you’re paying a moving service by the pound, the costs will add up quickly. 

If you’ve got too much, you may want to consider only shipping the essentials, which means disregarding, selling, or drinking the wine you don’t want to take.

You’ll also need to buy the right amount of packaging for your final amount. Proper wine packaging (as we’ll discuss below) can be expensive, so it’s worth getting just as much as you need and nothing more to reduce your moving costs.

How to Pack Wine Bottles for Moving Securely

When you know what quantities you’re moving, it’s time to prepare everything.

Start by getting proper wine boxes

These are usually available in sizes that hold one, six, or 12 bottles and contain dividers that keep the bottles separate and secured in place. 

However, the most important part of learning how to pack wine bottles for moving is this;

Wrap your bottles up individually.

This is the most overlooked point, yet the most important. 

When you wrap each bottle, you protect it from the knocks and bumps it will experience during transit and ensure it stays securely within the box.

The last thing you want is for two bottles to knock into each other and smash, which they can do, even when in wine boxes.

However, this isn’t as expensive as it may first seem. You can go all out with bubble wrap and special protective wine bottle sleeves, but even wrapping your bottles in old sheets of newspaper can do the trick.

Just make sure you’re cushioning the bottle from all sides, including the bottom, for the best level of protection.

Moving with your Wine Bottles in Tampa Bay, Florida

Once everything is wrapped, it’s time to move.

Position your wine boxes next to each other to stop them sliding around, perhaps in the footwell of your chair, or pack them tightly next to each other. 

Never stack the boxes on top of each other, nor leave enough room for them to slide around and potentially hit each other.

Also, be sure not to load up any heavy furniture next to your wine boxes that could potentially fall or slide into the boxes, therefore breaking the bottles.

And that’s all there is to it.

Of course, if you value your wine collection and you want it moved properly and securely, it’s always going to be best to use a professional moving service, which is what we specialize in! 

Get in touch with our friendly team and see how we can handle all your moving needs for a great price. Contact us today to get things started!

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